The Very Best Graphic Novel Resources for Homeschooling Families

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When I first began homeschooling, I never thought about using graphic novels in my homeschool. Then my kids began to bring them home from the library and I realized how much they loved them. Of course, I didn’t know much about them at all and I couldn’t find many graphic novel resources for my homeschool.

So I did what most homeschoolers do…I learned on my own!

For a few years now I have collected a ton of reading lists, created my own graphic novel teaching guides, and began to offer a weekly book club on Outschool. These resources are exactly what I wish I had when I began using graphic novels in my homeschool.

find the best graphic novel resources for your homeschool family

Graphic Novel Booklists

These graphic novel booklists will serve as a great resource when you are looking for titles to use with kids of all ages in your homeschool:

Check out this great list of graphic novels for teens and tweens.
A list of top graphic novels for early readers
This list of over 30 graphic novels for elementary school is perfect for your child.
This ultimate list of graphic novels for kids of all ages contians titles for early readers through high school students.

Graphic Novel Teaching Resources

These graphic novel guides include everything you need to discuss several graphic novels in your homeschool.

Each guide contains teaching resources for 5 graphic novel titles. Each of the 5 guides in this pack includes:

– 2 Icebreaker Questions (one for literature and one for graphics)
– 4 literature discussion questions
– 6 visual literacy questions exploring how the graphics support the story-telling
– a fun extension activity

The packs also include a graphic novel writing activity with printable pages of various layouts.

You can also start with a set of free discussion questions that you can use as you read any graphic novel. These questions are designed to create conversation about the content as well as the graphics in your books.

Grab a set of questions to discuss any graphic novel with your middle school child.

Graphic Novel Book Clubs for Kids

My weekly graphic novel book clubs on Outschool are a fantastic way for your kids to enjoy graphic novels while learning about various literary devices and media literacy.

These graphic novel book clubs meet for 30 minutes each week. We spend the first half discussing the content of the book and the second half discussing the graphics and the ways they help tell the story.

You can learn more by reading the descriptions on Outschool. Registration for the coming school year opens on July 1 and remains open all year. If the class is full, you can request to be added to the waitlist.

Join an online weekly book club for ages 8-10
Your middle schooler can join an online weekly graphic novel book club.

Graphic novels are a fantastic tool to use in your homeschool. These resources will get you started!


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