The Lemonade War: Homeschool Study and Book Club Ideas

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The Lemonade War homeschool study is a great addition to your school year. The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is the first book in a series about fourth-grader, Evan Treski, and his younger sister. This look at sibling relationships, conflict resolution, and business savvy is a fun book to add to your child’s reading list.

The Lemonade War homeschool study includes book club ideas and discussion questions.

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The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

Genre: Fiction
Length: 192 pages
First Published: 2009

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The Lemonade War Publisher’s Description

Fourth-grader Evan Treski is people-smart. He’s good at talking with people, even grownups. His younger sister, Jessie, on the other hand, is math-smart, but not especially good with people. So when the siblings’ lemonade stand war begins, there really is no telling who will win—or even if their fight will ever end. Brimming with savvy marketing tips for making money at any business, definitions of business terms, charts, diagrams, and even math problems, this fresh, funny, emotionally charged novel subtly explores how arguments can escalate beyond anyone’s intent.

My Goodreads Review

Join Evan Treski and his sister, Jessie as they battle it out for the best Lemonade Stand sales. Of course, the real battle behind The Lemonade War is about much more than lemonade sales and eventually, Evan and Jessie are going to have to talk about their feelings. In the meantime, it’s game on when it comes to lemonade sales!

This story was a fun read with my own kids and then again years later with my online book club for kids. There are so many options for a great discussion when you are reading a book with siblings in the middle of a heated battle. I enjoy some of the subtle creative writing aspects such as the chapter titles, which are all business concepts and definitions that apply to the events in the chapter. It’s a fun read for kids, though I was surprised how many were really annoyed by the dramatic fighting.

The Lemonade War Book Club Ideas

There is no way you can host this book club without serving lemonade. (ha!) Make it as a group or have it ready when your attendees arrive.

– Lemon tarts
– Lemon candies
– Lemon bars
Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Create Lemon Fruit Stamp works of art.

Use lemon, lemonade, or just bright yellow paper products and tablecloths today:

The Lemonade War Discussion Questions for Your Homeschool Study

1. Look at the vocabulary words and definitions at the start of each chapter. How do they connect to the chapter events? What do they teach kids about business?

2. What caused the fight between Evan and Jessie? What advice would you have given each of them to prevent the entire battle?

3. How did you feel about the fighting between Evan and Jessie? In your opinion, who was most at fault and why?

4. What are some of the strategies each child tries so they can win the lemonade war? Which strategies work and which aren’t effective?

The Lemonade War was part of my Outschool weekly graphic novel book club. I shared a little bit about what we discussed, including an interesting discussion about the setting on my Celebrate a Book Instagram:

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Read more about the author, Jacqueline Davies.

Grab the free educator’s guide to The Lemonade War.

Watch the book trailer for The Lemonade War.

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