35 Extra-Special Gifts For a Homeschool Mom Who Needs Love

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Educating the kids at home is a big task for any parent.  Research.  Plan.  Implement.  Repeat.

Every day.  Every week.  Every year.

The teacher deserves a special treat in recognition of their homeschooling efforts.  Maybe the homeschool teacher is your child.  Maybe it’s your spouse.  And maybe it’s your parent.

No matter who you see rocking out the job of a homeschool parent, you can find something on this list of the best gifts for a homeschool mom to brighten their day.

Note:  I tried to include gifts that would work for a homeschool dad as well.

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Best Gifts for a Homeschool Mom

These gifts are perfect for any homeschooling parent in your life.

Homeschool Mom Teacher Shirts

I am a nut for original shirts. I love nerdy, math-y, teacher-y shirts. (And yes, I do consider all of those adjectives.) Here are a few of my personal favorites:

A.  Similes are like Metaphors
B.  Get Real; Be Rational
C.  Shakespearean Insults. (I own this one!)
D.  Check out some Harry Potter shirts if she is a fan or find a few in her fandom (Taylor Swift, certain TV show, etc)

Similies are like metaphors shirt
Get Real shirt
Shakespeare insult shirt

Consistent Help for the Homeschool Mom

A. Hire a regular babysitter so she can get a few things done once a week.

B. Arrange a cleaning lady. Even once a month will give her a break.

C. Meal Planning Help. Pull out your apron and sign up to make dinner for her at least once a week. Fill the freezer with some meals to help her out as the new school year begins.

School Supplies for Homeschooling

You can’t go wrong with a few handy, fun supplies for a homeschool parent’s stocking. We homeschooling mommas can get strangely giddy about school supplies, especially ones just for us!

A. Sharpies. I have bins filled with sharpies. All colors. All tips. I love sharpies.
B. Mini Post-Its. I use these as bookmarks in read-aloud books, in my bullet journal as tabs, and in so many more places.
C. Ticonderoga Pencils. Yes, the pencil brand does matter. My kids have the yellow ones, so I’d love a different color to claim as my own: Black or even neon!
D. Felt Tip Markers. I do assume that all homeschool parents are as pen-obsessed as I am. If so, these are my favorite. I use them every. single. day.

sharpie pack
Mini Post Its
Ticonderoga Pencil
Paper Mate Felt tip marker

E. Paper Trimmer. Because there is always cutting.
F. Rolling Cart. Yes, you know I love my rolling cart!
G. Laminator. I finally splurge on one of these this year and I have not regretted it. These are so handy for saving precious schooling gems.

Paper Trimmer
Rolling Cart

Self-Care Gift Ideas

It’s easy for any mother to neglect herself. Give a gift that will remind her that she deserves some self-care.

A.  Spa Gift certificate. Call the local spa and grab a gift card that will cover a manicure, pedicure, and/or a facial.
B.  Local Restaurant Gift Card. Send her to dinner alone or with a friend while you take care of the kids and bedtime.
C.  Massage from a Professional.  One time or even monthly.  This is a gift that any mom will treasure.

Personal Treats

A.  Candles. There is something cozy and warm when a candle is lit.
B.  Fuzzy Blanket. Homeschooling moms spend a lot of time snuggled up on the sofa. Alone or with kids. A fuzzy blanket that is all their own is the perfect treat.
C.  Tumbler with a Straw. My kids are always trying to swipe this from me. It’s very handy for a mom on the go, even when it is just going from room to room in the house.
D.  Tea for One. A personal teapot and cup.
E. Field Trip Purse. A small purse that will fit a phone, keys, cash, and a credit card. I use it for field trips instead of dragging my everyday larger purse all over the museum or zoo.

fuzzy blanket
Tea for one
Brixley Bag

Handy Memberships for Homeschooling

A. Amazon Prime. This is a must. Treat her for a year!
B. Local Science Museum. Find the closest science museum that is part of the ASTC passport program. One membership allows entrance to science centers all over the United States.
C. Local Zoo. If a zoo is close by, grab a membership for the year.
D. Netflix. Online streaming is so convenient for great movies and documentaries. Add on the DVD delivery for even better options.

Useful Electronics

A. Tablet. So useful. So very very useful. There are many to choose from so shop around.
B. Wireless speaker. Play your memory work music chants. Listen to a story. Tune into child-friendly podcasts.
C. Bluetooth Headphones. These are essential so mom can tune into great podcasts while folding laundry or running. This particular pair stays put while I workout or work around the house.
D. Amazon Alexa Echo Plus. This works to cover the wireless speaker and so much more!

Professional Development Books

The overwhelming majority of homeschooling moms love to read. I love a title that inspires my homeschooling self.

A.  Anything by Sir Ken Robinson. His words are powerful and encouraging.
B.  Better Together by Pam Barnhill is a great option for practical ideas as well as encouragement when it comes to learning together.
C.  Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids by Sarah Mackenzie. A delightful read and resource for a homeschooling mom.
D. Homeschool Bravely by Jamie Erickson. This one is on my own list this year!
E. Homeschooling Your Child with Special Needs: Practical Support and Encouragement for Learning with Differences by Shawna Wingert. An excellent resource for moms who are homeschooling children with special needs.

-> See my complete list of Professional Development Titles for Homeschool Parents <-

The Best Gift for a Homeschool Mom


Time to herself.  Without appointments or agenda.  A full day would be nice. An overnight would be amazing. Even a half-day would be blissful.

If possible, arrange this time off during the school week. Let her have a school day off!

My husband gave me a day off every month for 9 months because his job allowed it that year. It was the best gift ever for my survival. Of course, based on your work leave and schedule you will have to arrange what you can. But time off is a truly amazing gift!  Best of all, this one is FREE!

Happy Shopping!

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