Fall Fashion Challenge

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It is that time of year again.  Fall is around the corner and it’s time to switch over some of the clothing in the closet.  I am ready to put the shorts away and break out the jeans, cardigans, and jackets.  Of course, it is also time for the Fall Fashion Challenge {aff} and starting today you can sign up and receive your shopping list!

It’s been two years since I began participating in the Get Your Pretty On Fashion Challenges {aff} and I am so much happier with my everyday style.

Fashion Challenges

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First, I have LESS clothing in general.  I suspect that in the last year, the items in my closet has decreased by half as I have donated items that I no longer wear.  My closet is now built on functional pieces that coordinate well together.  I spend less money and time buying random pieces of clothing that I rarely wear and have learned to think through choices that will work best with my current wardrobe.

Second, I find it easier to put an outfit together in the morning.  I have less choices, which helps, but I also have clothing that works well together.  Of course, having 21 days of outfits emailed to me at the start of each season has taught me how to put my clothing together.

Finally, I save money in the long run because I stick to a focused shopping list.  Basically, I am building a mini-capsule wardrobe each season.  These seasonal capsules work well together and have helped me build a trendy and functional wardrobe.

This is the first year that I have participated in all four seasons and it has been well worth the year long membership.  The fall challenge is the last fashion challenge for 2016 and sign-ups begin today and end on September 30th.  Outfits will begin to arrive in your inbox beginning on October 3rd.

Interesting in learning more?

Here are more details edited from a previous post to explain how the fashion challenges work:

1. Pick your Challenge. Right now the the Fall Fashion Challenge is the latest. There are many others to choose from, including freebies if you want to check out how things work!  A lot of my friends have started with the 14 day capsule wardrobe ($19) and have been quite pleased with it!  You can also purchase the Fall Fashion Challenge from 2015 for $19 and I assure you that the outfit combinations are still in style!fall-2016-fashion-challenge

2. Pay for your challenge. The current price for the 2016 Fall Fashion Challenge is $49.

3.Download and print the shopping list. Included with your challenge is a list of items that will be used to complete 21 days of outfits. Some of the items you will own and others you will need to purchase. Alison includes links to regular and plus size options for all items AND lists the colors she will be using.

Fashion collage

The best part is that you can choose a color scheme that works for you. After all, you want to WEAR these clothes, right?

4. Go shopping!  Start in your own closet.  Whatever you don’t own you can find at the mall, Wal-mart, TJ-Maxx, IMG_4436or shop at home online!  My favorite shirt from the Spring 2016 challenge was from LOFT and is shown on the right.

NOTE:  You can substitute items that you don’t find or aren’t ready to splurge on.  Over time, items repeat in the various season challenges so you can build up your wardrobe.

5. Receive your outfits via email each evening. At 7 PM exactly, you will receive the outfit for the next day. You canIMG_4566substitute items as needed and even skip outfits if they just aren’t you. (though I found the fun was in trying some new things)

Of course, sometimes your life as a mom will force a substitution like tennis shoes instead of cute booties.  Afterall, field trips to the museum aren’t the best idea if you are in wedges or booties.  Just go with it and have some fun!

6. Join the secret Facebook group. It was so much fun to hear where folks were finding good deals and what color schemes people found while shopping. Once the challenge began, everyone was able to post their outfits each day and I truly enjoyed seeing each person’s interpretation. Best of all, it was REAL women, so all sizes (0-20) and all ages (18-70) were on there. I loved it! Some moms even participated with their teen daughters!

7. Take goofy or serious selfies. Ok, so this step is totally optional…but I often post mine on Instagram and you can follow me there (@notbefore7):


Over time you will find a wardrobe that is easier to sort through and a lot of tips to keep your closet updated without spending a fortune.

Want a peek at some of my outfit combinations?  You can follow me on instagram and watch for them during the month of October!


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  1. So fun Mary! Can’t wait to see your pics on IG. I just watched your periscope and you did a great job explaining the challenge. I love having a fun hobby just for me, I use Dressing your truth for my fun fashion fix. I’ve been doing it for about 3 years and it has done the same thing for me- boosted my confidence, created a capsule wardrobe and helped me discover my own personal style. Looking forward to seeing you rock the fall challenge!

    1. Thanks Marni!! I do think it does a lot for my confidence. Great point. I need to look up the “dressing your truth” fashion option too!

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