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How We Use Curiosity Stream in Our Homeschool

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There are plenty of places to find documentaries online, but you won’t find a service that gives you as much bang for your buck as Curiosity Stream.

For under $20, Curiosity Stream offers access to thousands of documentaries for a full year. You’ll find documentaries about science, technology, nature, history, and more. The programs are all educational and you won’t have to worry about commercials.

It’s a great fit for families who want access to educational programming that everyone can enjoy.

How we use Curiosity Stream in our Homeschool - award winning documentaries on science, history, nature, and more!

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Curiosity Stream Basics

Curiosity Stream is one of the many streaming services offered for families. The best part of Curiosity Stream is that it offers thousands of educational documentaries for online streaming. For one low price you’ll find access to award-winning documentaries on a variety of subjects including:

  • nature
  • science
  • history
  • technology
  • lifestyle
  • and more!

Best of all, EVERYTHING on Curiosity Stream is educational so your family won’t be distracted by movies, games, and TV shows while they search.

Shows available for kids on Curiosity Stream.

Using Curiosity Stream in our Homeschool

It’s been easy to find ways to use Curiosity Stream in our homeschool. There are so many great options that there is always a show on my “watchlist” when I need it.

Mom Sick Days

Let’s face it, I have sick days just like the kids. And I need a backup plan so the kids are engaging in learning while I can rest.

Many times with a cold, it’s simply my voice that needs some rest during the day and most of our homeschooling requires my voice.

But not Curiosity Stream! I can turn it on, check my watchlist, and bring up a documentary we will all enjoy. I tend to save the longer documentaries for sick days. A 10 minute science short isn’t going to help much on a day that I need some rest, so I look for 45+ minute educational options for us.

Some of the ones we have enjoyed in the past include:

  • Yellowstone: Battle for Life
  • Super Smart Animals
  • Secret Life of Cats
  • Secret Life of Dogs
  • Secret Life of Big Cats
  • Kittenhood

Clearly, my kids like the shows about animals – HA! But there are plenty to choose from. You can even search by duration of the program.

Morning Time

We use documentaries from Curiosity Stream regularly in our Morning Time. My kids love to start our homeschool day with news from CNN 10 and then another video or two on topics we enjoy.

Sometimes I’ll choose a documentary connected to our studies and other times Iinclude videos just for fun. When I include a video for Morning Time, I like to find something that is around 20 minutes or less so it doesn’t consume all of our time.

These shows have worked well for Morning Time:

  • Rock The Park
  • European Inventor Award
  • Illusions and Illusions 2
  • Science Shorts (we pick and choose)
  • Spiders
  • Bright Now (45 short episodes to choose from)

Of course, I can’t list them all here because there a plenty to choose from. I suggest sorting through the Kids section of Curiosity Stream and adding a few to your watchlist for Morning Time.

Shows for kids on Curiosity Stream.

Unit Studies or a Deeper Dive

Curiosity Stream is a perfect resource when I want to dive a bit further into a topic we are studying. For example, this year we studied World Religions as a high school credit for my freshman. The show, Sacred Spaces, on Curiosity Stream was a perfect fit.

You can find shows on many science, history, technology, and nature topics:

  • Sacred Spaces (religion)
  • Nature’s Mathematics
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Wild Galapagos narrated by Mike Rowe
  • Planet Parrot
  • Today in Africa

Research your topics ahead of time, and add shows to your watchlist to pull from when you begin to study that topic in your homeschool.

Kids watching Curiosity Stream on their tablets.

Learning for Mom

Not every show on Curiosity Stream is appropriate for my kids. Some have content they aren’t quite ready to view and others just aren’t going to hold their interest.

That doesn’t mean the show doesn’t make it to my watchlist. I have a few in there that are perfect for a day that I have time to learn about a topic. Some will enhance my own understanding about topics included in our homeschool. Others are just for fun because I am intrigued.

A few I have on my current list:

  • 101 Events that Made the 20th Century
  • A Stitch in Time
  • What Facebook Knows About You
  • Eyes Wide Open: VR Journalism
  • Magic Numbers (yes, I was a math teacher…)

There is definitely something for everyone and every homeschool in the available documentaries from Curiosity Stream.

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