100 Ways to Explore Geography with Your Kids

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Looking for ideas and inspiration while you are studying Geography with kids?

I’ve got you covered with 100 ways to Explore Geography. From map skills to websites to apps, you’ll find plenty of ideas to choose from.

Check out this list of 100 ways to explore Geography with your kids. You'll find arts, music, crafts, books, and more!

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Geography with Kids: Map Skills

1. Play Battleship – learn to read grids and coordinates
2. Explore an Atlas

3. Print and Color in a wall-size map – I like to print 3×3 maps (9 sheets of paper)
4. Trace a Map
5. Make a Salt Dough Map
6. Participate in Journey North – a global game of hide-and-seek to find mystery locations
7. Play with a Create-A-Scene Magnetic USA Map
8. Read a book:

9. Sketch the continents on a blue balloon
10. Hang a Wall Map at home – try a dry erase wall decal world map
11. Play on an interactive Smart Globe
12. Make a Fantasy Map
13. Pin locations on a Pin It Map – World Set Review; USA set Review

Pin It Maps for Hands on World Geography
14. Make a Treasure Map
15. Create a 3D town
16. Make a Homemade Compass
17. Watch this video about the Mercator Projection
18. Create a Geography Picture Dictionary with your kids
19. Make a Paper Mache Globe
20. Complete this Latitude and Longitude Map Activity with your Kids

Geography with Kids: Get Outside

21. Use a city map to walk around downtown
22. Read a map while planning your garden
23. Go Geocaching or Letterboxing: Read how one mom got started
24. Explore the US National Parks and become a Junior Ranger.
25. Take a trip – in your own country or across borders

General Geography

26. Subscribe to Little Passports for monthly geography fun
27. Go on a Geography Quest
28. Read: Give Your Child the World, for all of the resources you need
29. Read the Children Just Like Me books and meet kids around the world
30. Watch John Green’s Crash Course Kids: Landforms
31. Watch CNN 10 for 10 minutes of World News every day.
32. Enjoy a Poetry Teatime focused on one country or culture

33. Host a Geography Fair for your kids and their friends
34. Sing Geography Songs

Geography with Kids: Play

35. Professor Noggin Countries of the World
36. Professor Noggins Countries of the World II
37. Professor Noggins Geography of the United States
38. Scrambled States of America

39. Brainbox: The World
40. GeoBingo World
41. GeoBingo USA
42. World Edition Borderline

43. Ticket to Ride (USA; Europe; Asia; Nordic; United Kingdom)
44. Flag Frenzy
45. Flags of the World
46. Passport to Culture

47. Sequence States and Capitals
48. GeoPuzzles (Floor puzzles) – One for every continent
49. Continent Puzzles (framed puzzles)
50. 3D World Globe Puzzle

Geography with Kids: Apps

51. Stack the States – answer state trivia and then balance the states
52. Stack the Countries – answer trivia and then stack the countries
53. Kids Maps – US and various continents available
54. State Bingo and Geography Crossword – two fun-filled games
55. Geography Drive – USA trivia about everything from state capitals to US landmarks
56. Earth 101 – an amazing atlas full of maps and information
57. Barefoot World Atlas – explore an interactive globe
58. Jazzy World Touryoung kid friendly – learn about music, animals and culture
59. GeoBee Challenge – challenging game for grades 4 and up

Geography with Kids: Websites

60. Sheppard Software – Play USA and World Geography Games
61. Seterra Online – Map quizzes measured by accuracy and time. We love to race!
62. Google Earth – Explore the world. Look at landmarks. Walk the streets in Streetview. I have a Facebook Live video with a demonstration.
63. Geoguessr – Can you guess where you are based on the photo?
64. National Geographic Kids – videos, games, information, and more
65. World Geography Games – physical geography games.
66. Learn Around the World Facebook Group – my Facebook Group for resource and idea sharing
67. Great Big Story – Watch the untold stories of people from around the world. I shared a Facebook Live demonstration about this website.

Geography with Kids: Eat New Foods

68. Make a meal from another country – I recommend this cookbook.
69. Visit a restaurant specializing in ethnic cuisine
70. Enjoy a local cultural festival

71. Share a drink from around the world
72.Shop at an ethnic grocery store
73. Subscribe to Universal Yums and receive monthly country themed food boxes


74. Read a few books:

75. Let Jonathan’s Blue World YouTube introduce you to the Great Barrier Reef
76. Bake ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) biscuits
77. Tour the Royal Australian Mint


78. Read a few books:

79. Listen to stories from Europe using Around the World Stories – You can read about my experience.

80. Enjoy Classical Music and learn about Classical Composers by listening to Classical Kids.

My favorites:

81. Watch a documentary about the Grimm Brothers.


82. Read a few books:

83. Chinese Paper Lantern – learn about them and make one
84. Japanese Origami – learn and create
85. Explore India through great videos and books


86. Read a few books:

87. Watch this video series with David Attenborough (We loved this one!)

Explore Geography with Kids
88. Listen to the Music of the African Playground
89. Pin the flags of each country on a Pin It Map of Africa

South America

90. Read a few books:

91. Take a tour of Macchu Picchu with Travel Kids
92. Watch a video of a Carnival Parade
93. Practice the samba


94. Read a few books:

95. Watch Happy Feet
96. Cut Paper Snowflakes
97. Learn how to dress for your journey

North America

98. Read a few books:

99. Draw American Landmarks with chalk pastels
100. Watch and learn about the Candian Government 

Dive in. Dig in. And Go For it. Most of all, have a great time exploring the world with your kids.

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