How to Enjoy Poetry Teatime in Your Homeschool

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Poetry Teatime is a special routine in our homeschool lifestyle. Once a week we slow down, enjoy good company, sweet treats, and settle in for some poetry.

This routine has been such a fun addition to our homeschool week. Not only is poetry teatime fun and educational, but it gives us a chance to slow down and enjoy one another’s company. It’s a relationship-building activity in our homeschool.

Poetry Teatime for Families: Let’s Get Started

We all know the value of adding poetry to our homeschool year. Poetry Teatime makes it easy to incorporate into any homeschool lifestyle.

It works well for different homeschool philosophies and any family routine. We have chosen to make it an important part of the language arts program in our homeschool.

The Basics of Poetry Teatime

What do you need to begin enjoying poetry teatime with your family?

  • a space to gather – around the table at home or even at a local coffeehouse
  • poetry books – though sometimes we take a break from reading poetry
  • treats or snacks – these can be store-bought, homemade, sugary, or healthy
  • drinks – yes, typically teatime is when you serve tea, but change it up if your kids don’t like tea

Choose a specific day/time in your week and gather with your treats, drinks, and poetry books for your teatime. You don’t have to meet at the same time each week, but we find that a regular routine does help with consistency.

There are no rules about how many poems to read or who must read one. Find a flow that works for your family and feel free to change it. Some weeks a parent can do all the reading and other weeks you can ask your kids to bring a poem to teatime.

Need some Poetry Book Ideas?

Shake it up with a Theme

If you are feeling adventurous, you can create a themed teatime with a little bit of pre-planning. Here are a few of the themes we have enjoyed over the years:

It’s simple to add a teatime to your homeschool routine. Jessica added teatime as her “one thing” for her homeschool year and then remained committed and made it happen.

Keep it simple or go all out! It’s up to you and your family.

Change it Up

Our teatime never looks quite the same and yours doesn’t have to either. We have a ton of variation in our poetry teatime routine.

Some weeks we set a very simple table and other weeks we go all out.

Host a simple or elegant poetry teatime with your family.

Some weeks my children bring poems to share and other weeks I do all of the reading.

Some weeks we skip poetry books in favor of  Shakespeare or short stories. Other weeks we select from a stack of our favorite poetry books.

Some weeks we read poetry books as a family and other weeks we enjoy teatime with friends.

Host a teatime with friends or just your own family.

Some weeks we enjoy a treat at our favorite cafe and other weeks we bake (or buy) treats to eat at home.

Some weeks our teatime occurs on Tuesday as planned and other weeks it is scheduled on the only free day in our week.  In fact, occasionally teatime happens after dinner and we have our dessert and poetry with Daddy.

Clearly, there is a lot of flexibility to fit any family, any lifestyle, and any given week.

Poetry Teatime Supplies

While it isn’t necessary, our family has enjoyed adding some special teatime supplies to our homeschool teatime. One of our favorite additions has been these personal teapots or “tea for one” sets.

We also have fun plates for poetry teatime that we purchased before these special teapots.

And of course, there are lots of teatime extras you can add to your pantry overtime if you want. There are fun serving dishes and special teapots you can purchase. None of it is necessary, but it is fun to add things if poetry teatime is going to be part of your regular routine.

Poetry Teatime has become a special part of our family’s homeschool routine.  Everyone looks forward to selecting fun treats and books for our time together.

I hope you find the same joy and connection with one another and poetry.

Add Poetry to your Home Library:

Ready to Organize your Poetry Teatime?

Need a break from poetry?

Poetry teatime ideas when you are ready for a break from poetry

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  1. Love the pictures in this one!!! Anddd I love your individual tea pots – does each kiddo have their own??
    And of course – where did you get them?!?!?

  2. I just posted this link to my Facebook page and tagged 13 friends, LOL! I love you! My husband won my heart with poetry. I wrote my first song at age 7, and won a poetry contest in fifth grade for Grandparents’ Day. Read my poetry here: harpsichordpoetry.blogspot.com

  3. Our favorite poetry books adn writers include: When We Were Very Young, Llama’s Pajamas, A Child’s Garden of Verses, Robert Frost, Jack Prelutsky, Ogden Nash, and well, ourselves!

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