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26 Creative Ideas for Family Fun in May

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I love to plan family fun any time of year and that includes a ton of family fun in May. This is a busy month for many people but it is also a great month to enjoy some fun together.

May is often a break in the weather for many places and it is a great month to get outdoors. That doesn’t mean there isn’t also plenty of family fun to be had indoors as well.

I hope this list provides lots of a great opportunities and inspiration as you look for ways your family can enjoy the month of May together.

Find a list of ideas for family fun in May.

Finding Ways to Have Fun in May

The month of May is often a busy one for many families. Sports teams often have playoff games, championships, and sports banquets. There are often final celebrations and performances for dance companies, theater classes, and clubs such as Scouts.

In addition, many schools have various events and celebrations in May. There are often activities such as prom, field day, and other spring events. Be sure to check the school calendars and mark important activities on your calendar before you plan additional fun in May.

Everyone seems to want to celebrate the end of a school year or sports season so make sure you don’t over plan your month.

Outdoor Family Fun

1. Plan a Picnic

Take one of your meals outdoors on a picnic blanket. Let the kids help you plan, pack, and determine where to go and eat. You can enjoy the wide open spaces of a local park or simply set up your picnic in your yard.

2. Watch the Clouds

Springtime is a lovely time to lay out on a blanket and watch the clouds go by in the sky. See what shapes and pictures you can find in the cloud formations.

3. Take a Bike Ride

We love to enjoy a family bike ride before the heat of the summer arrives. There are so many bike trails to choose from. Be sure to find a path that your family can complete together.

Our family likes to find a path with a destination we can enjoy when our ride is complete. On this ride, we enjoyed lunch downtown before biking back to the car.

Bike riding as a family is a activity in May.

Springtime Family-Friendly Activities

5. Explore Local Museums

Look up the family-friendly activities happening at the local museums in your city. Be sure to check your local science, history, and art museums.

In addition to various springtime exhibits, many museums offer festivals and events in the spring that the entire family can enjoy.

6. Visit Various Gardens

This is a great time to catch the beauty of flowers in bloom at gardens in your city. If there aren’t local gardens to visit, simply walk around your neighborhood or a local area to enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Take along this free printable nature scavenger hunt for some added fun as you walk.

Enjoy the Birds in May

7. Make Natural Birdseed Cookies

This recipe is an easy one to enjoy with your kids. Make natural birdseed cookies to attract birds to your yard. Not only is this a fun activity to do together, but you can enjoy bird-watching out the window when you are done.

8. Go Bird Watching

Grab your binoculars and a bird guide and observe the birds in your backyard or as you walk along a local path. You might want to bring along a field guide to help with identification. Setting up a bird feeder or birdhouse in a convenient spot in your yard will make bird watching an easy and enjoyable activity to do as a family.

9. Bird Art Projects

This spring bird on a branch will take some prep work if you have little kids, but your tweens can work alongside you to create theirs.

This spring bird in a cherry tree is the perfect paper art project for tweens.

This fantastic drawing tutorial will assist all of your kids as they practice drawing a baby bird in a nest.

Learn more about Bugs and Bees

10. Learn about Ladybugs

Ladybugs begin to appear in the spring so it is a great time to read books about these beautiful bugs. You and your children can enjoy reading facts and stories about ladybugs.

11. Create Ladybug Art

Make painted ladybug rock art with your kids.

In this video for kids, you’ll learn how to draw a comic ladybug.

This ladybug windsock craft is perfect to hang on your porch during May.

12. Explore the World of Bees

Honeybees are likely to arrive on the scene as the flowers begin blooming. In addition to reading books about bees, see if there is a local bee-keeping exhibit you can visit.

13. Learn More About Bugs

This month is a great time to engage and encourage your child who is curious about the bugs in the backyard. This Minibeasts Unit Study is filled with information and fun for the whole family. It includes 25 engaging lessons, educational videos to enhance learning, hands-on activities, games, and more. 

Use the code: Maryw15 for 15% off the Minibeasts Unit Study

This bug unit study is a perfect family activity for May.

Family Fun with Butterflies

14. Visit a Butterfly Garden

Many science museums and children’s centers have butterfly gardens. If you can find one in your area, make a plan to visit and enjoy the butterflies.

15. Hatch a Butterfly

If your kids haven’t witnessed the incredible life cycle of a butterfly, May is a great month to order a butterfly growing kit.

16. Make Butterfly Crafts

This coffee filter butterfly craft is perfect for you to make with your elementary school-aged kids.

These tissue paper butterfly suncatchers will add beauty to any window in your home.

17. Watch Flight of the Butterflies

Watch the incredible documentary, Flight of the Butterflies. This documentary takes you on a journey as you follow the incredible migration of the monarch butterfly. It is just over 40 minutes so my kids enjoyed it even when they were young.

Embrace Fun with Springtime Flowers

18. Plant a Wildflower Garden

Plant a wildflower garden with your kids. Preparing and planning are easy with these wildflower garden instructions and the payoff is a beautiful field of wildflowers.

19. Decorate A Flowerpot

This fingerprint button flower pot will be fun for kids and tweens as they create their flowers and add their button centers.

The tweens and teens in this house would love to make this Minecraft Inspired Planter.

There are several more options for decorating flowerpots with fingerprints, including this one with butterflies, ladybugs, or bees.

20. Create Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers are fun for all ages to make.

You can use them to enhance the spring time decore around the house or make a special bouquet for a neighbor or family member.

21. Press Flowers

After picking a variety of flowers, you can press them between two sheets of wax paper that are pressed securely in between the pages of a book. Once your flowers are pressed and dry, use them to complete one of these delightful pressed flower crafts:

These pressed flower rocks would make great paper weights or magnets.

You can make wonderful pressed flower bookmarks to use as gifts or keep for yourself.

Enjoy all of the beautiful flowers that you will see in May.

Family Conversation Starters Perfect For May Fun

22. Spark Family Conversations

This complete set of conversation starters is perfect for every month. You can use them to create delightful conversations at dinner time, at bedtime, or even in the car. Grab your set here or read more about how to use them this year!

Tools for Meaningful conversation with your family.

After printing them, I run them through my laminator, cut them out, and put them in a jar on our kitchen table. This makes it easy to grab a few now and then.

Celebrate May Holidays as a Family

23. Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day

Plan some fun family activities for everyone, including Mom, on Mother’s Day. Some of the ideas in this list are perfect such as a bike ride or trip to a local garden. Make sure Mom isn’t the one who has to take care of all of the details on this day.

24. Have Family Fun on May the Fourth Be With You

If your family is a fan of the Star Wars series then this is the perfect chance to celebrate your life of Star Wars. The official Star Wars May the Fourth Be With You website has plenty of recipes and ideas for celebration!

25. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

This can be a fun time to introduce your children to Mexican culture and stories. It’s a perfect chance to enjoy takeout from your favorite Mexican restaurant or enjoy taco night at home.

These Cinco de Mayo printables are the perfect option for young kids in your home.

Combine the food and printables with a few books that introduce your kids to the meaning of Cinco de Mayo.

26. Honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of the month. It is a day to honor members of the US military who lost their lives in service. Families can visit a history museum, create patriotic artwork, and watch the annual Memorial Day concert online (or a local one in your area).

flag, memorial, honor-958343.jpg

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