A January Reading Challenge for the Whole Family

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Is your family ready to diversify their reading this month with a January reading challenge? I hope you’ll join my family and break out of your reading ruts while having a little fun along the way.

The January reading challenge is part of our Year-Long Reading Challenge for Families. The concept is simple – read 4 books each month, one from each of the four categories assigned to that month.

January includes four fun categories. Pick one or complete them all:

a Goodreads winner
a winter-themed book
recommended by a friend
a book and its sequel

This January reading challenge is the perfect way for everyone in your family to find some new titles this month, so join the fun!

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January Reading Challenge

Let’s get started. The first thing you should do is sign up for the challenge!

As soon as you do, you’ll receive your free printable bookmark and mini-poster. Laminate copies of the bookmark for everyone in the family and hang the mini-poster in a central location.

This will also put you on the list to receive your new challenge each month.

January Reading Challenge Ideas

Family Reading Challenge

This challenge is designed to work for your entire family. Print it out for the month and let everyone decide how many categories they want to attempt. Remember you don’t have to do them all!

Then begin the search for some titles that fit the bill for each category. Everyone can search for their own options, but you might also consider reading a title together. Then you can celebrate your reading success at the end of the month with a book celebration when you are done!

Parental Guidance

Remember that you know best when it comes to the books your family and your children read. While I have provided links to sources for book titles below, it is not a personal endorsement of every book on the lists. Common Sense Media is an excellent resource to use when you are making decisions about the right books for your family.

January Reading Challenge: Selecting Books

The categories for the reading challenge this month are:

a Goodreads winner
a winter-themed book
recommended by a friend
a book and its sequel

I’ve gathered plenty of links to various booklists to make it easy for everyone in your family to find the perfect title.

A Goodreads Winner (or nominee) From Last Year

The 2020 Winners (categories are in the left sidebar)
YA Fiction Winners
YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Middle Grades and Children’s Books
Picture Books

Winter-Themed Book

100 Winter-Themed Picture Books
Winter-Themed Chapter Books for Kids (elementary)
Winter-Themed Books for the Middle Grades

Winter-Themed Celebrate a Book Guides (read these together and/or with friends and have a book party!)
Mr. Popper’s Penguins (coming January 2021)

Pro-tip: Ask on your social media channels for a wide list of options.

A Book and It’s Sequel

Books that Have a Sequel for Kids (*coming soon)
Exciting Books with Sequels for Middle Schoolers (*coming soon)

Select your books and you are ready to go for the month!

Looking for the entire Year of Reading Challenges?

January Family Reading Challenge printable and bookmarks

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