Homeschool Weekly Wrapup: Work Schedules and Weekend Fun

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Want to know the #1 interference to our school day?

The one we have to work around every single week. The one that is rarely the exact same each week. The one that is so good for my teen, but so hard on my homeschool schedule.

Teen shift work at Chickfila.

Man. It makes each week an interesting puzzle as I schedule and organize our week.

Read all aobut our homeschool weekly wrapup.

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Homeschool Weekly Wrap-Up

My daughter, Tricia, works at Chickfila. She typically works three to four days each week but the days and hours vary each week.

So every Friday, she tells me her schedule and I have to adjust our “Morning Time” accordingly. Sometimes it becomes afternoon time or evening time and other days we just have to skip most of it because she isn’t available.

But that is life with a teen.

A run down of our school life this weekin a weekly wrap-up

Morning Time with Teens

Yes, we still enjoy morning time even with older kids. I find that we can still accomplish so many academic goals during our group time.

From history and current events to ASL 1 to enjoyable read-aloud books or various videos, Morning Time is a cornerstone of our homeschool.

But it looks different every week because my daughter’s Chickfila schedule varies weekly. And this job is so good for her and an important part of being a teen, so we make her schedule and our school routine work by staying a bit flexible each week.

This week, it meant that we only had a morning time twice, so I skipped ASL and focused on history. Instead of reading a little bit each day, we did some binge-reading and watching on the two mornings she was home. We spent over an hour reading/watching:

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule by Harriette Gillem Robinet
A Reconstructing America: 1865-1890 A History of US Book 7 by Joy Hakim
Crash Course: US History

We gained plenty of ground in those two days and I was really glad we did it. Thankfully, this week we will have four mornings together, so we can spread our reading out a bit more and include ASL and a documentary.

School Life: Art (Drawing 101)

The boys and I had a lot of time together this week while Tricia was at work. I made our art lessons a priority because they have been slipping through the cracks.

I never get to all of the things during all of the weeks.

So this week, we finished lesson 8 and the boys used a grid to make drawings of their hands.

NOTE: We are taking the Drawing 101 course from Alisha Gratehouse at Masterpiece Studio and it has been fantastic.

Read about life at home during our weekly wrap-up

Homelife: Boy Scouts

The boys and Eric went camping for the weekend. Their entire pack worked on their canoeing merit badge during their two nights away.

I am so proud of them. One had a lot of anxiety to conquer. It was anxiety related to the pressure and anticipation of the activity. He often has to work through it and then he is typically just fine once the activity begins.

They had a great weekend and they both earned their canoeing badge!

Homelife: Girls Weekend

Since the boys were camping, I spent the weekend with my girls. For the most part, they had plans and their own things to do but I did have a movie night with Tricia both nights.

On Friday night, we watched A Week Away on Netflix and we absolutely loved it. We love musicals – all kinds – and this was no exception. It felt similar to High School Musical, but it took place at a Christian summer camp. It featured the music of Steven Curtis Chapman and Amy Grant – in fact, they both make cameo appearances.

On Saturday night, we watched the comedy, Thunder Force on Netflix. It was a lot of stupid humor and some gross raw chicken-eating, but it was a perfect silly movie for a Saturday night.

Home Life: Specific and Small To-Do Lists

This past year has completely wiped my focus and motivation. I don’t know if it is the constant barrage of information or the constant decision-making, but my brain has been wiped.

I currently function best with a very specific and manageable “to-do” list. This weekend I told myself that my priorities were cleaning out a specific cabinet in my kitchen, cleaning my refrigerator, and organizing/cleaning out a closet in my bathroom.

I am thrilled to announce that I accomplished all three tasks! WOOT!

Unfortunately, an item that has been on my mind for weeks is printing photos for Kayleigh’s high school graduation. I have to make a tri-fold display for a table at her graduation ceremony. It seems that I never make the time to sit and get this done. I don’t know if it is denial or just procrastination, but it is now my #1 task for the coming week.

Our weekly wrapup about the books we read at home.

Mom Life: “Just a Mom”

Recently I find myself thinking about the next steps when homeschooling ends. My youngest child will be 16 in five years and I know that my job will become more of a homeschool supervisor and encourager. My daily teaching grind will come to an end.

In fact, the transition to the final years of homeschooling has been on my mind quite and bit and it has produced a bit of an internal crisis.

This week I found myself asking the question, “What if I don’t move on to anything BIG? What if I continue to be just a mom? Is that enough?”

I mean, I know myself and I’ll always have something going on. It might be blogging or investing more time in Celebrate a Book or teaching more classes on Outschool. But what if these things never really become a “big thing?”

What if I never invest the time to market my book guides well?
What if I never get the swipe-up feature on Instagram?
What if my blog remains a fun place to write but nothing more?
What if I never create a course or a membership?
What if my hobbies never contribute enough financially to pay college bills?

Could I just relax and be content with being a good mom, a good friend, and a good wife? Would it be okay if my life never included a career again?

Honestly. I’d like to think that would be enough. I’d like to think that maintaining my flexible “at home” lifestyle would be enough.

Perhaps I could get some home projects done or spend additional time with my kids here and there. Maybe I could invest in friendships and exercise and learn to cook well.

Honestly. I don’t know. But it is strange to be in my mid-40’s without a “career path.” I also have the ability to decide if I even want one, which feels strange. I mean, the whole world is open to me but it also feels a bit scary when you are in your mid 40’s with no real plan.

I shared these thoughts with my husband and it felt good to discuss. We both agreed that we like our life. And if I find something I want to go for, then great. But if I remain a dabbler in various things, I will still be enough.

Stating it out loud this weekend lifted a mental burden. I feel less inclined to keep worrying about how all the puzzle pieces are going to fit together when homeschooling ends.

I am going to trust that the right path will show itself. I will try to remember that I don’t have to “prove” myself with some sort of measuring stick.

You would think a homeschool mom would know that by now…

Information about our booklife and what we are reading in our homeschool

Book Life: On my Nightstand

STILL READING: Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation as an Exercise in Hope by Esau McCaulley

STARTED: Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston

STARTED: A Church Called Tov: Forming a Goodness Culture That Resists Abuses of Power and Promotes Healing by Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer

Booklife: In our Home

STARTED: The Toothpaste Millionaire – My 14-year-old started this one for his English class.

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser – This is the final book for my boys’ book club this month! We just started and it is going to be a good one!

STILL READING: Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule by Harriette Gillem Robinet – As mentioned previously, we started this for history.

Honestly, I didn’t get a lot done this week. My focus has been elsewhere.

Work Life: Outschool

I am preparing for my book clubs this week. We will be discussing, “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library” by Chris Grabenstein. Two sections are full, but there is one section with openings on Friday if anyone is able to join us!

Grateful for…

time with my girls. It was fun to have just the girls home all weekend.

my mother-son journal. I have had these with my girls for years and decided to start them with my boys. It has been delightful.

my like-minded friends. Let me be clear. I love and appreciate ALL of my friends, even the ones that disagree with me about various things or make different choices. But sometimes, it feels good to sit over coffee with someone who feels THE SAME way about so many things. I needed that this weekend and it felt good.

Have a great week everyone!

Did you miss last week’s wrap-up?


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  1. You already have a career it is called homeschooling. I really think we minimize homeschooling because it doesn’t include a paycheck, but it is absolutely a career. Nothing wrong with looking to the next phase of your life, but don’t minimize the amazing work you are doing.

  2. I agree. I guess that career is coming to an end, which will leave me career-less….so I gotta figure out if I find another one or just go with the hobby flow 🙂 Thanks Jen! Good reminder! (Cause I wouldn’t trade it for a paying career in one heartbeat)

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