Book Club for Kids: Poppy by Avi

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We love having a blast by celebrating literature at our book clubs and this month’s title was Poppy by Avi!

I can not say enough wondering things about this delightful tale. The descriptions are vivid and the characters are endearing and memorable. My entire family enjoyed this book, although my two boys and their daddy are the ones who finished every book in the series together.


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Upon arrival, a sign on the front door welcomed us to Dimwood Forest. The hostess had truly thought of everything!  The A/C had been turned up to give the forest a chilly feel and Mr. Ocax, the owl, was watching over our forest feast from a nearby perch.  We could hear other forest bird chirping in the trees thanks to the nature sounds playing in the background.

The forest atmosphere was captured perfectly.

Then we caught a glimpse of our Poppy inspired feast.  The delightful picnic in the forest setting was inspired by the storyline and characters in the book.

Poppy book club for kids.

The picnic style table cloth was decorated with a variety of natural objects found in the yard.  A few scattered leaves and twigs from the yard brought the outdoor forest into the house. The girls were eager to enjoy their treats while discussing this sweet tale.

Everyone’s favorite character, or at least a top contender, was the hilarious Ereth. And he was waiting for them on their plates, created out of a pear, grapes, and blueberries.


We enjoyed Poppy inspired muffins (Poppyseed) and Poppy Punch:

IMG_0925  IMG_0924

Ragweed had a special section dedicated to him and his love of Hazelnuts. Meanwhile, the Hershey kiss mice snacked on cheese and crackers:

IMG_0926 IMG_0921

The event was a memorable book club for sure.

Poppy by Avi book club.

During our discussion, Vickie led the girls through, “A Hero’s Journey” as it related to Poppy’s journey in the book.

Information about “A Hero’s Journey” can be found on YouTube and the internet, including this informative video using Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Dorothy.

Poppy by Avi book club for kids. Follow the Hero's Journey.

After an insightful discussion, the girls moved on to an earring craft based on the earring worn by Ragweed and Poppy. The supplies were ready for each girl to select a stone and make a clip-on earring to be worn on the top of their ear.  Afterward, there were additional supplies for special necklaces and bracelets.

IMG_0944 IMG_0967

Once again, the kids had a great time celebrating and connecting to literature.


Adding book club to our calendar year has been one of the best choices we made. These are the memories that we will all treasure in the years to come.

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8 thoughts on “Book Club for Kids: Poppy by Avi”

  1. This looks so fun! Your posts and periscopes inspired my girls and I to start a book club with some friends.We had our first one today and it was a success. We did Anne of Green Gables and next month we are reading Mary Poppins. Thanks for all of the great ideas.


      Julie. I am SO glad to hear it. Inspiring others is one reason I share these ideas! So glad to hear it. Mary Poppins is a great idea!

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  3. I LOVE the idea of discussing “A Hero’s Journey” as part of our discussion of Poppy! But I’m struggling a bit, worrying about how to present it to young children. Do you have any resources or advice to share about explaining the basic concept and leading the discussion? Thanks so much for the inspiration!


      We used videos on YouTube – type in “hero’s journey”. There were great resources and explanations! I haven’t found a particular curriculum or book about it though.

  4. HI there, I am trying to organize a similar party book club, and having trouble with the craft part. Is that a pierced earring, or a clip on? I can’t figure out how to do it. Thanks!

  5. Lise McGuinness

    Hi, Mary,
    I’m sorry to keep bugging you with book club questions! (And yet, here I go…) I feel like I remember seeing a periscope in which you showed a book-reveal party with all the year’s books in bags for the girls to discover. I wanted to re-watch it, but can’t find it. Am I imagining things? Thanks!!
    🙂 Lise

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