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How To Find What Motivates Your Teen Using TruSpark

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As my kids have gotten older, they are eager to learn more about who they are and the ways their individual mind works. They love to take personality quizzes and IQ tests online. They are fascinated by the various ways to categorize people, especially as it helps them understand themselves better.

This is one reason I was so excited to let my teens take the core motivations assessment from TruSpark to help my tweens and teens dig deeper to learn more about what motivates them.

Learning what motivates my teens is helpful to me in our homeschool and useful to them as they begin to explore future career paths.

Find yoru teens core motivations using the TruSpark Core Asessment tool.

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Learn What Motivates Your Teen

Understanding what motivates your teen is incredibly helpful as you plan your homeschool year.

Knowing what motivates my teen helps me design a day that will give them a sense of satisfaction during their day. I can adjust what they have to accomplish during the day as well as the way we make their plan.

In addition to providing great information for our homeschool day, the results of the core motivations assessment gave my teens information as they begin to plan for their future.

We all want our children to find work that is fulfilling to them in the future. But it can be scary as they start to make choices and explore career options. In fact, did you know that only 28% of Gen Z is satisfied with their work?

I want more for my own kids. I want to give them as many tools as possible so they will find satisfying work. And TruSpark offers fantastic tools for their toolbox.

TruSpark core motivation assessment will help your teen identify their core motivations.

What is TruSpark?

TruSpark’s mission is to help young people understand and embrace their unique motivations so both their personal and work lives are more fulfilling.

TruSpark offers a fun, interactive online assessment tool that helps teens discover deep insights about what drives them and their core motivations.

Although the TruSpark motivation assessment is a new tool for teens, it is based on 60 years of proven science used with leaders in the business world. This well-tested motivational assessment is only new because it has recently been adapted to suit the unique needs of teens.

My teen is taking the core motivations assessment from TruSpark.

How Does the TruSpark Motivation Assessment Work?

The motivation assessment will help your kids identify their core motivations and provide suggestions for possible career paths that are well suited to them.

The process is easy, but thought-provoking. It should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

First, your teen will write a short story (1-3 sentences long) about a time they felt good about something they accomplished or did.

Based on the situation, your teen will rank various statements that are designed to help them explore what was most important to them about their situation. They will continue to narrow down and rank the statement until they have reached their top three.

Then they will repeat the entire process for another situation in their life.

In the end, the assessment will reveal their top 3 core motivations as well as career suggestions for each one. If they want to dig deeper, teens and parents can use the partner tool, O*Net to further explore various careers.

Help Your Teen discover their core motivations with the TruSpark assessment tool.

Our Family’s Experience

I wanted to experience the TruSpark motivations assessment for myself so I could help my kids if they needed it, so I took the first test. I wondered if the results would reflect the careers that have been fulfilling in my life and if I would learn anything new, even as an adult.

My results were: The Teacher, The Helper, and The Standout

Honestly, the first two core motivations nailed exactly what I would have predicted. The final result, “the Standout” gave me pause and taught me a little bit about myself that I had not considered.

Core Assessment results from TruSpark Motivation Assessment

As I read more about “The Standout”, it was clear that it captured some of my motivations well. The Standout listed:

bring others together: others are drawn to you
desire feedback: you are motivated by an audience’s reaction to you.”

These are qualities I would not have associated with myself immediately, but they make perfect sense when I think about them. I have always been the one to organize homeschool groups and bring homeschool moms together. In addition, I am definitely motivated online by the feedback I receive from fellow homeschooling moms. I started thinking about how feedback is a huge motivation with my job on social media and Outschool.

I was very impressed with the results.

Two of my children were able to complete the assessment and it was helpful to read and discuss their results as well.

7th Grader: The Standout, The Overcomer, The Finisher

I learned that my youngest child thrives with feedback and deadlines. He is motivated by checking things off the list and having a plan. This information is incredibly helpful as I plan his course of study in our homeschool.

11th Grader: The Impactor, The Arranger, The Helper

My high school daughter is motivated by seeing the impact of her efforts. She wants to needed, helpful, and a “go-to” person. She also desires freedom and control, so making the plan for her isn’t going to work the way it will for my 7th grader. She needs to be part of the planning process.

I still have information to process as I think about how the results will impact our homeschool and their career choices.

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