They are Children, Not Robots

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It was less than 2 months into my parenting journey. At the time, my tiny little baby just would. not. sleep. ever. Then, suddenly, one night she slept. Maybe 5-6 hours straight.  

The relief I felt was indescribable.

Until the next night. When she barely slept at all. I found myself so upset,”Why can’t she just sleep 5 hours again? What is going on? What did I do differently this time?”

And he told me that little piece of infinite wisdom…

“She is a child, not a robot.”

Sometimes I forget that my kids are just as human as I am. They are children. Not Robots.

Best parenting advice ever. Delivered by my husband. She’s a child, not a robot.

Seems like common sense, but I needed to hear it. And I still have to remind myself of this basic fact.

My kids are not robots.

There are moments when my children do something and I think, “Why would you do that?” The answer is often because they are human.

My children forget things. shoes. cameras. even pants one time. seriously – pants.

They get tired. grouchy. weepy. easily annoyed. moody.

The feel hungry at the “wrong” time. After they JUST ATE and the minute we arrive anywhere.

They worry that they forgot something on a trip. They leave things places. They have to stop for a potty break ten minutes after our last stop.

But they don’t do it on purpose. They do it because…

They are not robots.

And when my patience level is being tested, I have to remember that little piece of common sense.


It’s hard to live with so many humans!  Seriously.

So I take a deep breath and attempt to treat them the way I treat myself in the same situation…

Double check the bags. Stop for the bathroom.  Curl up for a rest. Prepare a snack. Make calls to locate missing items. Return to the store to double check. Give kind reminders.

And give lots of love, patience, and grace.

Children. Not Robots. Got it.

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