Geometry with Mr. D Math: High School Homeschool Math

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Homeschooling high school math is daunting to a lot of parents, especially when it comes to subjects such as Geometry, which most parents don’t use in their daily lives. Our family has been so grateful for our homeschool math classes with Mr. D Math.

This year my youngest child will begin Geometry with Mr. D and I am so relieved that I will continue to be math support in the house instead of the primary teacher. We love Mr. D and his Geometry class is the perfect opportunity to put my son’s algebra skills to work!

You can homeschool high school math using programs like Mr. D

Disclosure: I was given access to Mr. D Self-paced Geometry and paid to share my experience in this review. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Our experience over the years with Mr. D math has been such a positive one so there was no doubt in my mind that Geometry would also be a great fit for my son.

Because we use the self-paced classes from Mr. D, he will have some time at the start of the year to complete Algebra 1 before moving into Geometry with Mr. D.

Homeschooling Math In The High School Years

When homeschooled students hit their high school years, subjects like mathematics become much more intimidating for homeschooling parents. After all, most of us haven’t tackled the slope of a line, parabolas, or proofs since our own high school years.

But as homeschooling parents, it is our job to make sure our children have access to the support they need in their classes even when we have forgotten the material. We can do this by using well-crafted curriculum programs or fantastic online options, like Mr. D Math.

Our family has appreciated online programs in the high school years because they foster independence while teaching the material. Online classes have helped lay the foundation for future success in college classes by teaching my kids how to navigate the online classroom environment, pace themselves, keep up with assignments, and take tests and quizzes.

Whether the classes are self-paced (our preference) or offer the opportunity for live teaching, they have been a great approach to homeschooling high school.

Homeschooling math with Mr. D is a great way to approach math in the high school year.

Math with Mr. D

I discovered Mr D Math six years ago and our family has never looked back. There are so many great things about Mr. D Math classes that I have discovered over the years, including how well-prepared my kids have been for college math.

But that is not all.

We love Mr. D Math and here are a few of the great reasons why:

Self-Paced and Live Options

While our family has continued to use self-paced classes over the years, I like that Mr. D math offers both options. My daughter did have the opportunity to take the Mr. D SAT Prep Math class live. Working with Mr. D live was a good experience. He created a wonderful atmosphere in the classroom and really connected with the students.

Live Weekly Help Sessions

Every week an invitation to a live math help session arrives in my child’s email inbox. It’s completely free and included as part of the Mr. D math program when you register for a live or self-paced class. This live help is particularly important when you are homeschooling high school math because you might not have the answers your child needs.

Opportunities for Assessment

Mr. D math classes include plenty of opportunities for assessment. Each chapter section includes a five-question quiz for a quick check of understanding. Mr. D math also includes chapter tests, mid-year cumulative tests, and a final exam. Grades are recorded automatically and students can retake assessments if they don’t receive the grade they were hoping for.

Solutions as Complete Answers

I can. not. stand. finding the answers listed in a math curriculum with NO work to show how they arrived at the solution, especially in upper-level mathematics classes. There are so many places where my child might make a mistake while working on a problem that I have appreciated access to step-by-step solutions.

Mr. D Math makes high school geometry easy and fun!

Geometry with Mr. D Math: Everything You Need To Know

When my first child completed Algebra I, I began searching for a better homeschool math curriculum. I came across Mr. D math and actually contacted Mr. D to learn more about his program.

After all, I am a former middle school math teacher, so I have definite opinions about teaching mathematics.

After my conversation with Mr. D, I felt confident that his program would be a fantastic fit for our family and I signed my daughter up for Geometry that day. I really appreciated that Mr. D told me that a solid Geometry program would provide a year of applying Algebra I skills before moving to Algebra II. That made a ton of sense and I was ready to sign her up!

Getting Started with Mr. D Geometry

Once you have signed up for Mr. D math, you’ll find it so easy to print the worksheets that your child needs to get started.

There is no textbook for Mr. D classes, but all of the lesson worksheets can be found in one place organized by chapter and that’s where you will want to begin.

Learn how to get started with Mr. D Geometry for your homeschool math class this year.

I like my kids to print 2-3 chapters at a time and keep them handy in their binder. It’s a great way to see what they have accomplished and what topics are coming in the future.

The Weekly Routine

Mr. D suggests that students should complete around 3 sections each week to maintain a traditional school calendar pace and complete their course by the end of the school year.

Obviously, my kids are self-paced learners and don’t always keep up with the suggested schedule but we keep it in mind as we progress through the year. Mr. D sends emails letting students know where they should be to be considered “on schedule” for the year.

When students enter a specific chapter section, they’ll find the lessons for that chapter on the left-hand side. Once they select a specific lesson, they’ll find links to the worksheet, links to the solution guides, and the lesson video on their main screen.

It's easy to find a weekly routine with Mr. D Geometry self-paced lessons so you can keep up with your school year.

Once students complete the worksheets for their lesson, they can enter their classwork grades in the next section. Mr. D has official scoring options, but I always have my kids pick the highest grade for classwork as long as it is complete and they made the necessary corrections.

For more practice, or to check their understanding, they can complete the 5 questions online quiz. If they don’t complete the quiz, it will not count against them in their final grade. Only quizzes that are taken count toward their grade.

Once they have completed the coursework, recorded their grade, and taken the quiz they are ready for the next section. If your kids take 1-2 days to complete each section, they will remain on track for the year.

Solid Math Instruction

The number one reason we have remained with Mr. D Math is the solid math instruction. As a former math teacher, I have been completely satisfied with the teaching methods and the content.

The Geometry class with Mr. D was exactly what Mr. D explained to me. Not only was it a solid year of Geometry, but the class did an excellent and purposeful job of reinforcing the skills learned in Algebra I.

In addition, Mr. D recognizes that “Algebra I trains left brain thinking while Geometry trains right brain thinking which creates a whole brain thinking approach to Algebra II.” I appreciate the whole-brain approach to Algebra II, assuring more success for all students.

NCAA Approval

It’s great news for homeschooled student-athletes that all of Mr. D’s live math classes have received NCAA approval. The approved courses are the ones with a live component, including Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry

I highly recommend Mr. D Geometry and all of Mr. D’s math classes for homeschooling high school!

@maryhannawilson No regrets. Best decision ever even six years later. @Mr. D #homeschoolmath #homeschoolingmath #mrdlive #homeschoolhighschool ♬ original sound – Mary Hanna Wilson | Homeschool

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