Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop Review

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I love doing art with my kids, but I need a little guidance when it comes to project ideas and creativity.

I am willing to gather the materials and join in the fun, but it helps to have someone else design the plan.

That is where the courses at the Masterpiece Society have saved me from hours of digging around for ideas to copy from Pinterest. This fall we began working on the projects in the Fall Mixed Media Workshop and we are all having fun while creating unique pieces of art.

{I received the Fall Mixed Media Workshop in exchange for sharing my experience with it. I enjoyed it enough to request a second one and I assure you that my thoughts on it are my own honest opinion. The post below contains affiliate links.}

What is the Fall Mixed Media Workshop?

The Fall Mixed Media Workshop is one of the many online courses offered by Alisha Gratehouse at the Masterpiece Society. It is an online mixed media e-course that will guide your family through 20 Mixed Media projects over the course of 4 weeks.

Your family will experiment with:

  • Sketching
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor painting
  • Chalkboard art
  • Collage art
  • Sculpting
  • Hand lettering
  • Art Journalling

Each project is unique and includes a complete video lesson to guide you through each project.

Our experience with the Fall Mixed Media Workshop.

You also receive LIFETIME access to the course so there is no rush to go through all 20 projects in just one season. Our family completed 2 of the 4 weeks this fall and we will complete the other 2 next fall.

USE CODE: NOTBEFORE7-15 to receive a 15% discount on full priced workshops.

What do you Like about the Fall Mixed Media Workshop?

The Variety

Some days we use watercolor and other days we cut paper and get covered in mod podge.

We have used white gel pens for design techniques and have experimented with a variety of “canvases”, including the cover of a children’s book.

Every project teaches us a new technique or idea that we can use again.

The Flexibility

We have been able to adapt our creations so that no two look exactly alike. It is very easy to personalize each project with your own paper choices, colors, or quotes.

One of my children is in private art lessons and she enjoys changing the colors and even the media used to create aspects of the project.

In the end, no two projects look the same. I love that each of my children can create their own interpretation of the ideas.

Our experience with the Fall Mixed Media Workshop

The Video Instruction

It is difficult for me to follow art instructions in a book or using a PDF so I am grateful for the video instructions.

Alisha completes the entire project in front of the camera so there are no questions about how to complete a particular step in the process.

Can you share some of the Fall Mixed Media Workshop Projects?

I certainly can! Check out my Facebook Live video for a look at the instruction and the projects we completed.

On the video:

  • our vintage books turned art journals
  • what sort of materials we had to buy
  • what materials we already had on hand
  • some of our completed projects
  • my general experience with the first two weeks

The only thing I wished there was in the course was a materials list by individual project. Currently, there is only one main list and it isn’t sorted by project.

To accommodate for this, I usually preview the video so I can make sure our materials are all ready to go.

The great news is that Alisha is working on the materials list so that it will be available by individual project.

Are Other Art Courses Available?

Alicia has created several mixed media workshops. There is one for each season, a mini Valentine’s Day Workshop, and others. Each one is full of unique art creations.


Alicia has also created several Art Appreciation Courses that can be used to study a wide variety of famous artists:

You can read the details of all of these fabulous options in the store on her website. There are complete descriptions and details of each course.

I have already received my Winter Wonderland Mixed Media course and am ready to get started after Thanksgiving.

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