Homeschooling An Only Child: Everything You Need To Know!

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Homeschooling an only child is certainly different from homeschooling a group of siblings.

There are some challenges you’ll face as you homeschool an only child and lots of myths to discover too. Whatever you find, don’t get discouraged. There are lots of amazing perks to homeschooling an only child too.

It’s different, but it’s certainly doable and amazing!

I love sharing our homeschooling journey and I can’t wait to tell you all my favorite homeschooling an only child tips.

Keep reading to get the scoop on how we have embraced the differences and created a culture of lifelong learning for our homeschool family.

Tips and Ideas for homeschooling an only child

Homeschooling An Only Child Has Unique Challenges

Navigating the challenges of homeschooling an only child can be, well, challenging. It’s easier when you know what to expect and have a plan in place. Here are some of the unique challenges you might face:

Socialization is an age-old question for homeschoolers, but it can be a real challenge for families homeschooling an only child.

There might be times when you feel like you’re missing out or worry that your child doesn’t have as many social opportunities with peers as larger homeschooling families do.

Getting creative about meeting socialization needs can help mitigate socialization fears. 

Another challenge when you’re homeschooling an only child is that you become their only person. You’re everything: parent, teacher, playmate, friend, and more.

While I love the strong bond this fosters with my child, it can be very challenging to find time for yourself if you’re homeschooling an only child.

Enjoying your only child while homeschooling.

When you’re their person, it can feel like you have to be “on” all day. It’s exhausting to be constantly available to play a game, give a helping hand, hear complaints, etc.

Too much time together can be taxing and leave you feeling homeschool burnout or overwhelmed.

Tips And Tricks For Homeschooling Your Only Child

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks for homeschooling an only child that can make facing the challenges a lot easier.

My first tip is to make it a family affair. This can mean bringing another parent, grandparent, cousin, or neighbor over to play a game, help with a science experiment, or just engage your homeschooler while you take a break.

Making homeschooling an only child a family affair can help mitigate feelings of burnout. Plus, it’s a great way for your child to get the experience of learning from someone other than you.

My next tip is to find a community that understands what it’s like to homeschool an only child.

Finding a group of people experiencing the same journey and facing the same challenges can make everything seem easier. Social media groups can be a great place to begin looking for community.

Local homeschool days at the library, museums, and parks can help you meet other families on the same journey too. Another way to find community is by joining The Waldock Way Community group on Facebook. It’s filled with like-minded homeschool families all over the world.

Another tip for homeschooling parents is to practice self-care. It’s easy to put ourselves on the back burner while we navigate homeschooling challenges and regular family life. 

However, it’s really important to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally too. Check out my realistic self-care guide for homeschooling moms to get ideas on how you can embrace taking care of yourself this year.

If you’re homeschooling an only child, remember outsourcing isn’t a failure. If you feel like you can’t do “all the things” just remember that you don’t have to and it’s completely ok to outsource wherever it makes sense for you.

Outsourcing activities and schoolwork for an only child is a helpful strategy.

Outsourcing is also an excellent way for parents homeschooling an only child to create socialization opportunities with online classes, sports, and tutoring groups.

Finally, remember different is not less. I know it’s hard not to compare your homeschooling journey to the ones you see on social media, but it’s really important to remember that just because your homeschool looks different doesn’t mean it’s not successful.

Your homeschooler is unique and amazing and you’re a great mom! Tap into your child’s unique and amazing journey and embrace the journey of homeschooling an only child.

Helpful Resources For Homeschooling An Only Child

There are lots of helpful resources for families homeschooling an only child. Check out some of our favorite tips, guides, and resources below.

Discovery Decks

Discovery Decks are an excellent resource for homeschooling an only child. These decks feature printable cards with questions your kids have probably asked you. Each deck features an interesting topic kids want to learn more about including animals, plants, weather, and so much more! 

Discovery Decks are the perfect tool for homeschooling an only child

These Discovery Decks come with QR codes kids can scan to get the answers to their questions with educational YouTube videos. The best part is that these decks can be used independently so it’s one less thing you have to facilitate as a busy homeschool mom.

Single-Player Games

We love games, but sometimes it’s a challenge to play games in your homeschool with just one child. So what can you do when you need some alone time and your child still wants to play games? Single-player games are the solution to gameschooling while homeschooling an only child. 

Guide to Strewing 

Strewing is one of my favorite tools for homeschooling an only child. It’s all about setting up opportunities for kids to interact with resources and learn independently, without directions from parents or teachers. Check out my Guide to Strewing to get the scoop on how we practice strewing in our homeschool.


Another one of our favorite ways to learn, especially when we’re on the go, is with podcasts. Embracing screens when you’re homeschooling an only can help relieve some of the pressure of being your child’s everything and create more opportunities for socialization.

Check out my ultimate guide to children’s podcasts to discover some of our favorites. There are podcasts for every topic, informative and funny. You’ll find something your kids will love listening to as they work quietly, ride in the car, or even during lunch.

Do you have an excellent tip for homeschooling an only child? I’d love to try some of your favorite tips, tricks, and resources too. Tell me all about what works for your family in the comments.

Special thanks to Jessica from The Waldock Way for sharing these wonderful ideas and this useful resource for teaching figurative language in your homeschool.

Jessica Waldock is a writer, photographer, and homeschool mom of one living in sunny Florida. She founded The Waldock Way as a way to give back to the homeschool community that she loves so much.

At The Waldock Way Jessica shares tips, tricks, inspiration, and unique resources that help ignite a love of learning in children that will last a lifetime. She inspires families to engage in homeschooling as a lifestyle where relationships come first and interest-led learning prevails. Jessica also has a fabulous collection of unit studies on her website and shares generously on her YouTube channel.

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