Book Club Titles 2017-2018

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Another year of school is about to start and another round of book clubs are ready to begin. Of course, these are just your average book clubs. We love to dive in with a memorable, themed party school book club!

This will be my third year organizing book clubs for my kids. While the girls have been in a book club for two years, last year was the first year that my boys participated in a book club.

It takes a bit of organization to pick the dates and then we choose the book titles. We typically choose books from the Brave Writer annual subscription lists so we can use the Arrow and Boomerang Guides, but that isn’t a hard, fast requirement.

This year we scheduled a book club meeting each month beginning in September and continuing through April. Our December meeting will be a Christmas party without a book title though we might read and discuss a short story together.

My high school book club will read a Shakespeare play in April because I always use the month of April to study Shakespeare with my own children.

{Titles include affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.}

High School Girls Book Club

These titles are in order: Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr.

Middle School Girls Book Club

These titles are in order: Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr.

3rd- 6th Grade Boys Book Club

These titles are in order: Sept, Oct (not pictured – The Good, The Bad, and the Goofy), Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr.


You can find guides for many of these books in the Brave Writer store. As with all books, do your own research so that you can make the best decisions about what is appropriate for your kids to read.

I’ll be adding book club party school ideas during the year. I’d love for you to subscribe and follow along.

Happy Reading!


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