Patriotic Chalk Pastel Art for the Whole Family

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Our family loves to pull out our chalk pastels occasionally and tackle a project from Chalk Pastel: You Are an Artist Lessons. There are lessons for every possible topic so I knew there would be a few options for the Fourth of July firework art projects this year.

And of course, I wasn’t disappointed. We found plenty of Patriotic Chalk Pastel Art options to create our Patriotic art projects – perfect for Memorial Day, July 4th, and Patriot’s Day!

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Fourth of July Art

Art using chalk pastels has always been a favorite activity in this house. The medium is fun and also very forgiving so everyone feels like an artist when they are finished.

Our goal for the fourth of July was to find a few projects that contribute to our Independence Day celebrations. From sparklers to flags to fireworks, we found plenty of options for fun!

Basics of Chalk Pastels

Chalk Pastel art projects only require a few simple supplies:

  • Paper  (construction, copy, or cardstock paper)
  • Chalk Pastels (Faber-Castell has proven the best for us)
  • Wet Wipes for handwashing (or damp paper towels)

Projects can be found anywhere online, but we prefer the lessons from Chalk Pastels: You Are an Artist. The video lessons are our favorite format but the free tutorials are easy to follow as well.

When my kids were younger, I walked them through the process by creating my own piece of art alongside them.

These days it is nice that they can create on their own when I am too busy to sit with them.

Though I prefer to sit with them.  I LOVE chalk pastels!

Encouraging Artistic Uniqueness

After creating a dusky sky, the girls began filling in their fireworks.  The sample lesson focused on red, blue, and white fireworks.

“Is it OK to use green?”  


And with a little reassurance to make it their own, they began creating their original masterpieces.

The Chalk Pastel lessons provide our spine and inspiration, but the artwork reflects originality and uniqueness. The pride they take in their final product is obvious and I love to see what they have done.

And Nana always assures them at the end of a video lesson that , “You Are an Artist!”

And they are!

4th of July Chalk Pastel Art Ideas

Firework Chalk Pastel Lesson

Light up the night sky with this explosive lesson from Chalk Pastel.

American Flag Chalk Pastel

Let Old Glory fly with this chalk pastel flag lesson.

American Landmarks

Another great way to celebrate America is to draw some of the famous landmarks with this Chalk Pastel American Landmarks video course. Draw the Liberty Bell, Delicate Arch, Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge, and more!

The American Landmark lessons include instructions for drawing the Washington Momument with fireworks!

Sparklers Chalk Pastel

Break out the sparklers and then break out the chalk pastels sparkler drawings!

Give it a go and try some holiday-inspired chalk pastel art this weekend!

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