5 Days of Meaningful Christmas Traditions

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The baby was 6 months old.  His siblings were 2, 5 and 7 years old and the Christmas season was upon us. December had arrived and I was an overwhelmed mom of four children under 8.

Decorations.  Dinners.  Shopping.  Serving.  List making.  Baking. Family.

I was overwhelmed and exhausted and I knew I was going to crack.  There was no way I could do everything planned in my head for the Christmas Season.  It was time to eliminate everything and then add back only the most important items to our family.

Discover 5 days of the meaningful christmas tradtions that our family has participated in over the years.

That was 2009.

It is 2016 and as I plan our holiday season, my priority continues to be creating space for memories and moments that our family will treasure in the years to come.

Some meaningful Christmas traditions repeat every year and others are skipped for a year.  I recognize that I can’t do it all and our family is healthier when I don’t try.  I trust that these traditions, even when on and off again, will remain part of the snapshots of Christmas that my children carry with them into their own families one day.

This week, as part of the iHomeschool Network’s Five Days of Christmas, I’d like to share five of our favorite traditions over the years.

Please know that in order to focus on our traditions, I eliminated the vast majority of Christmas decorating from my holiday to-do list years ago.  I love to see beautiful Christmas decor in my friend’s homes, but it is not what I love to do during the holidays.

Knowing that, feel free to take from this week what might work for you.  Ignore the ideas that begin to create stress in your shoulders.

You’ll find all five meaningful Christmas traditions on this page when the week is over.  In the meantime, the daily links and images will be added each day of the week.

Five Days of Meaningful Christmas Traditions

Day 1 – Advent Weekly Dinners
Day 2 – Annual Christmas Ornaments
Day 3 – Creative Gift Lists
Day 4 – Our Unique Jesse Tree
Day 5 – Family Nights of Fun

Discover 5 days of the meaningful christmas tradtions that our family has participated in over the years.  Learn about our Weekly Advent Dinners as part of our meaningful christmas tradtions.  Our Annual Christmas Ornament is a tradtion that we hope will continue for generations to come. Our ornaments help tell a piece of our story.We give our children four christmas gifts: want, need, wear, read. Click and discover some ideas for each category.Check out some great ideas for making family time part of your Christmas Season.

Happy Holiday Planning!

Don’t miss any one of the five days of traditions this week:

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