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How to Include Current Events as an Independent Activity for Teens

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Including current events for teens in our homeschool routine has been an important part of our day for years, especially as my kids enter their tween and teen years. I want my kids to think critically about the world around them and become informed citizens.

It has been a delight (and a challenge) to discuss events around the world and in our nation as my kids have entered their tween and teen years. I love watching them think intelligently about the world around them, even when they disagree with me – HA!

Of course, finding ways for them to keep up with the news without bias and inappropriate details can be tough in this world of social media and extreme bias disguised as news. But it’s important to me to find the right resources for my family and that’s why I think The Juice Learning Company is offering a great option for families of 5th – 12th grade to remain informed about current events.

Cultivate independent learning and teach current events for teens with The Juice.

{This is a sponsored post. I received compensation and access to the product in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Read my full disclosure.}

The Juice: Current Events for Tweens and Teens

Because current events are such an important part of our day, I am always looking for resources that offer non-biased, factual news stories so we don’t have to spend the morning digging for the true facts. Don’t get me wrong, exploring bias is an important lesson for kids, but it isn’t something I want to do every day when we want to explore the important news stories of the day.

So when The Juice Learning Company reached out and offered me an early look at their new online daily news learning tool, The Juice, I was immediately interested.

The Juice is designed to deliver age-appropriate, carefully curated news directly to your child, and teach them to think critically about what they are learning. With The Juice, families can avoid sensationalism and story details that kids might not be ready to handle emotionally.

The Juice delivers current events for teens straight to their inbox each morning. Your teen learns independently with The Juice.

The Juice: The Basics

The Juice Learning Company delivers current event headlines straight to your child’s inbox each day in a daily email called The Juice.

The Juice email summarizes the headlines of the day. Once your child clicks the email, they will have instant, grade-level access to the day’s news stories reported in a balanced and non-biased format.

In just 10-20 minutes, your teen can read non-biased news stories covering major domestic and international stories. Each story comes with questions to help sharpen your child’s reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

In addition to news articles summarizing current events for teens, The Juice includes:

  • topical supplements
  • daily vocabulary
  • interactive infographics
  • inspiring “bright side” stories
  • daily STEAM videos
The Juice offers current events for teens without bias and sensationalizm. Current events for teens delivered straight to their inbox.

The Juice: Eliminate Bias

Current events should be an important part of a teen’s school day, but it can be hard to discuss age-appropriate headlines with older children when younger children are in the room.

And no one wants to set their teen loose on google to explore the day’s headlines. There is just too much unfiltered, biased, and potential misinformation waiting to be discovered.

This is one reason that The Juice from The Juice Learning Company is such an effective tool for homeschool families. Teens and tweens are able to work independently and remain informed about important events happening in the world while reading news stories that eliminate editorializing and bias.

The Juice: Independent Learning for Teens

As kids enter their teen years, many homeschool families begin to look for ways to incorporate independent learning into the homeschool day. A little bit of independent learning is important for both the parent and teen. Teens need opportunities to develop independence, and Mom occasionally needs time to work with other children or tackle her own checklist.

Homeschool families aren’t looking for busy work. We know it’s important to find independent learning activities that accomplish real learning goals. That’s why the current events learning tool from The Juice Learning Company is a great option for homeschool families.

With your subscription to The Juice, your teens and tweens will receive daily emails with a list of the important headlines of the day. Students can click on the email and head to the website to read more about specific headlines and learn more.

Current Events for Teens with the Juice

The Juice: Independent Learning Supported

When your child is ready to begin learning independently, The Juice is an excellent tool to guide them along the path. Several key elements of The Juice foster independent learning using current events for teens:

Leveled Reading

The brief, factual summaries are around 200 words, and they are written at your child’s reading level. The Juice offers four reading levels covering kids in fifth through twelfth grade. This makes it easy for all of the tweens and teens in your home to read the same headlines but on their own level.

An Audio Option

The Juice offers an audio option for all of the news stories and vocabulary words. Children can listen along rather than read if that is more suited to their learning style.

Supplemental Extras

The Juice includes more than summaries of current events for teens. Each day, there are options for teens to dig deeper into topics that are related to the day’s current events. These topics give necessary background information so your child can enhance their understanding.

Supplemental articles encourage students to dig in deeper on their own when they want to know more about a topic or need to know more for understanding.

Comprehension Check

Students can check their comprehension of each story by taking the one-question quiz at the end of each news summary. The quiz questions are also written using leveled reading, making it easy for your child to practice independence.

The Juice: Discount for Readers

If you are looking to encourage independent learning while increasing your child’s awareness of current events at an age-appropriate level, then look no further. The Juice offers everything you need!

Be sure to grab your subscription with this exclusive offer:

25% off with code: JuiceMHWB

Get started your teen started with independent learning and current events today!


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