Six-Word Memoirs

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According to legend, Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a novel in six words.  He responded, “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.”  And thus, the six-word memoir was born.

I decided this would be the perfect challenge for my writing students.

Using the Six Word Memoir as a writing tool.

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First, we discussed a few published six-word memoirs from some of the books below.  I did preview the books and mark the specific ones I wanted to discuss as these books aren’t meant for children.  Some of the memoirs referred to topics that might not be appropriate for your kids, so use discretion.


Then, I challenged the students to write a six-memoir about their day for two weeks: Capture an event during your day or a feeling about your day in six words.  Then repeat.  For 2 weeks. See what you discover.

I played around with the six-word memoir as well.  I enjoyed it so much that I often wrote more than one.

Sat at park for writing class.

Two periscope fails. Third finally succeeded.

Book Club. No one likes Amy. (*note, we were reading, Little Women)

Being Effie again. I love this.


Effie’s last appearance. Ready for sweats.

Middle schoolers. They know Effie immediately.

Making Christmas gifts. Time is short.

First teenager. Melting Pot. Wonderful night.

Soccer in the rain? Sent Daddy.

A day with no agenda. Fantastic.

Science. Fossil. Museum. Friends. Muffin. Home.

Uncle’s Birthday. Missed our FaceTime call.

Hotel for the night. Special treat.

Outback with friends. Love this bread.

Jamestown. Colonial Playground. Please touch everything

Powhatan Indians. James Fort. Three Ships.

History comes alive. Stay and Play.

If: Local. Talks. Friends. Lunch. Jesus.

Six year old soccer. Too cold.

MVP rides home with me. Sweet.

If you are interested in hearing more about it, check out the video below.  The Memoir was the topic of a periscope, which is now available on YouTube:

Give it a go with your kids for a week. I bet you’ll love what everyone comes up with.

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