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Love That Dog Book Club

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Our book selection this month was the delightful tale, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.

This book is unique in that the entire story is written through free verse poetry journal entries. It was a quick and enjoyable read for all of our attendees.

We focused on creating a dog-themed book club for our celebration this month.

Host a Love That Dog book club for kids.

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Love That Dog Book Club: Decorations

We created a table cloth and decorated it to imitate the cover of the book.  It didn’t take a whole lot of fancy planning to grab a cheap table cloth and give my daughter a black sharpie marker, yet it did wonders for our decor.


Love That Dog Book Club: Crafts

As the girls arrived, they began work on their dog collar bookmarks using a variety of colorful ribbons, one included dog paws.

IMG_1931  IMG_1981

Love That Dog Book Club: Snacks

Our dog themed snacks included:

  • Puppy Chow
  • puppy pretzels (just pretzels with a fancy name)
  • cheese cut into bone shaped slices using a bone shaped cookie cutter (which could also be used for bone shaped sugar cookies)
  • carrots
  • Poetry Pop

Poetry Pop was created by re-labeling a soda bottle with printed poems about dogs.  The girls enjoyed sharing the poems found on their bottles.

Love That Dog: Discussion

Questions for discussion can be found online if you search for Love That Dog discussion questions. Here are a few sites to get you started:

At the end of our discussion, we read the puppy poems on their soda bottles. After reading and discussing several, I explained that their next activity was to create their own poem and “publish” it on card stock.

Love That Dog: Poetry

Feeling inspired, everyone set off to work on their poems.

Plain paper.  Lined paper.  Ultra fine-tip sharpie packs.

These girls created fantastic poems in such a short time.  One of the girls was very resistant to trying her hand at writing a poem, yet wrote something she was really proud of.

IMG_1962  IMG_1955


IMG_1967  IMG_1968

In the end, we had a great time celebrating this creative piece of literature.  Our monthly book club has become one of my favorite events of our school year and this month was no exception!

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