The Ultimate Guide To Online Homeschool Classes For Teens

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Outsourcing home education is a fantastic option for homeschooling families. In fact, there are plenty of quality online homeschool classes for teens that can be taken using your laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

Whether you and your teen are looking for SAT prep, classes that satisfy graduation requirements, or simply fun electives for your homeschooled teen, you’ll find some of the best homeschool programs on this ultimate list of classes.

You'll find a huge list of online homeschool classes for teens.

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Choosing Online Classes For Your Homeschool

When looking for the best online homeschool classes for your teen, it’s important to look at the options and know what will work best for your family situation. There are lots of things to consider as you explore the options available for online classes:

What material will the course cover and does it fit with my teen’s academic goals?
What grade level is the course material intended for?
Will classes meet live (scheduled time) or are they self-paced (often pre-recorded)?
What kind of support is available if your teen has questions?
How long will your student have access to the material?
How are students assessed?

How is progress reported to parents?
What is the cost? Is it a one-time payment or monthly?

Every type of online class will be set up differently and every family has different needs and priorities. Just because a particular program worked well for a friend’s family doesn’t mean it will be the best fit for your child.

Ultimately, you will have to determine the best fit for your child and your goals. It was always important to me that the online classes for teens allowed my children to earn high school credit or expand their knowledge in an area of interest.

Online homeschool classes for teens are a popular way to earn credit as this young man is doing.

Teen-Friendly Tips and Tricks For Online Classes

There are several ways to ensure success for your teen when they take an online class:

Make a Schedule

Whether your teen’s online class meets live or is self-paced, help your teen determine a routine or schedule for their time spent working. Block off live class time and then be sure to include time each day to work on assignments from each online class. 

Help Teens Find Support

If your child is taking a core academic class or an online class that is beyond your own knowledge, be sure your teen knows who to contact for support. The first time or two they have to reach out to an instructor, help them through the process. Be sure they know the best way to get in touch with their teacher and assist them as they learn the proper style of communication.

Allow Time to Adjust

Give your teen time to adjust to their new class, especially if the online classroom is new to them. Be prepared to offer them more support, assistance, and help during the first few weeks of class. They might need help navigating the classroom’s online environment, finding their assignments, learning the proper way to submit their work, and more. Don’t allow frustration to overwhelm them (or you!). Instead, be prepared to spend a little extra time learning at the start of the class.

Make Your Expectations Clear

Online instructors have different rules and expectations when it comes to online class participation and camera requirements. Be sure your student is aware of the classroom expectations, especially because teens can be particularly embarrassed if they are called out in a classroom setting. Take time to explain your own expectations, especially if they are not in line with the teacher’s rules. For example, if the teacher allows cameras to be off, but you want the camera on then you must make sure your child knows that.

Encourage Independence

Once your teen is comfortable with the classroom and navigating the work, allow them the freedom to navigate the classroom on their own. When they have questions, encourage them to reach out to the instructor rather than asking you to reach out. 

A teen using a laptop taking an online homeschool class.

Online Homeschool Classes For Teens You Don’t Want To Miss

Now that online homeschool classes are a popular option, you and your teen are certain to find a great fit for the coming school year. This is a comprehensive list so you are sure to find options for every subject and every budget.

My Favorite Online Classes for Teens

Mr. D Math

We have been using Mr D Math in our homeschool for years and there are plenty of reasons we will continue to stick with this program. Mr D offers both live and self-paced classes and both include weekly online support. Not only have we taken math classes, but we have also enjoyed ASL courses and more from Mr D.


Not only do I teach book clubs on Outschool, but I have also used their wide variety of online classes for my own teenagers. You can find core subjects, foreign languages, electives, and more for teens through 18 years of age.

Masterpiece Society

For years, the art courses offered through Masterpiece Society have been my favorite online art courses for teens. We had a fantastic time completing all four seasons of the Mixed Media courses and have dabbled in many others. Masterpiece Society offers a variety of drawing, painting, pastel, and even art appreciation courses. Use: MARYW25 for 25% off any course


Udemy is a little bit like Outschool but for adults. You’ll find courses in any topic from design to business to photography. My son took several classes on Udemy to learn how to code games in Unity. The classes are almost always on sale so the price is right too.

Online Math Classes

Mr D Math

As mentioned, this option is one of my top five choices but I wanted to mention it again because you’ll find options from pre-algebra through Calculus I and you can also find SAT Prep classes! Mr D offers self-paced and live math classes, which does make this website unique as compared to many other options.

Mr D Math offers online classes for homeschooled teens.

CTC Math

Students will learn the concepts of the math lessons by watching step-by-step concepts in short video tutorials. These videos include interactive questions and a printable worksheet. All math courses are self-paced.

Teaching Textbooks

This site offers self-paced online math classes through pre-calc that can be taken conveniently on an app or the website.

Art of Problem Solving

This site was created particularly for students who love math and problem-solving, you’ll find advanced mathematics and computer courses.


Your teen can find self-paced online math classes from pre-algebra through Calculus. Students are given 12 month access to their course, but more time can be purchased if needed.

Online English Classes (Writing/Literature)

House of Humane Letters

This website was started by a married couple excited to share the gift of stories with students. You’ll find online and self-paced literature classes for each school year. While there are also history courses, the focus is stories.
*Christian Content

Institute for Excellence in Writing

These live, online writing classes include a full year of writing with an instructor using the IEW curriculum and method.
*Christian Content


Courses for teens on this website come in three lengths: 32-week annual courses, 16-week semester courses, and 8-week workshops. You’ll find mostly live options for writing classes, but there are self-paced and live options for literature courses.

Brave Writer

You’ll find a variety of classes on literature and writing taught in a written online environment. These classes are usually only 3-6 weeks at a time so you can take a variety, but the prices are steep.

Discern to Learn

At Discern to Learn, you’ll find both virtual classes and “DIY” options so you can move at your own pace. Classes are offered in both literature and writing.
*Christian Content

Center for Lit

You’ll find online literature courses for 5th-grade and older students with a variety of options for high school available.
*Christian Content

A teen typing on a laptop while taking an online homeschool class.

Online History Classes

OER World History

This is another completely free website with world history course options for high school. Our family enjoyed the World History: 1750 to the Present option a few years ago. There are several world history options to choose from. It is a little overwhelming to navigate, but remember that you can pick and choose what parts you wish to complete and make necessary changes to the activities designed for classrooms.

Mystery of History Online Courses

These online recorded classes coordinate with the Mystery of History curriculum. There are two versions of the class available for homeschooled teens.
*Christian content

Woke Homeschooling Online

Woke Homeschooling offers World History classes for middle schoolers. There is also a discussion group for high school students who are using the Oh Freedom! curriculum.

Online Science Classes

Taylor Made Science

You’ll find secular, lab-based science courses that promote science literacy and critical thinking skills at Taylor Made Science. There are both live and pre-recorded classes to choose from.

Kristin Moon Science

Kristin Moon offers a variety of live, online, and self-paced courses for homeschool science. Some of her self-paced courses included specific help when it comes to the math involved in science classes.

Suburban Science

On this website, you’ll find “teacher-created high school science lessons that are engaging and ready to use.” These lessons are created by a teacher in SC.

College Prep Science

College Prep Science offers online or self-paced classes for science. There are also lab intensives offered throughout the year.
*Christian Worldview

A List of all of the homeschool classes for teens

Online Electives in Fine Arts


You’ll find over 1000 video art courses including portraits, manga, drawing, nature, and more. Courses are included in your monthly or annual fee.

Skill Share

Skillshare is “an online learning community with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.” You’ll find a wide variety of classes for teens to explore their interests.
CODE: annual30aff for 30% off an annual membership

The Animation Course

Take drawing and animation classes with instructor, Chad Stewart, and his team of professional animators. Chad worked as a professional animator in film and television for almost 30 years with both Disney and then Sony Pictures. In addition to his online courses, Chad hopes students will feel like part of a community of fellow animators.

Film School 4 Teens

With Film School 4 Teens, your student can choose from photography, filmmaking, YouTube, and acting courses. FS4T believes that media skills are life skills!

Masterpiece Society

For years, the art courses offered through Masterpiece Society have been my favorite online art courses for teens. We had a fantastic time completing all four seasons of the Mixed Media courses and have dabbled in many others. Masterpiece Society offers a variety of drawing, painting, pastel, and even art appreciation courses. Use: MARYW25 for 25% off any course

You are An Artist: Video Art Courses

If you have a teen interested in chalk pastel lessons, these video courses are a fantastic option. You’ll find a variety of topics teens can learn to draw.

Music in Our Homeschool

Music in our homeschool offers five music courses for students of high school age and several more options that work for all ages.

Liberty Park Music

You’ll find online music lessons available on demand from professional music teachers. Your all-access membership includes piano, guitar, drums, and music theory classes starting at just $15 a month.

Additional Online Electives


As mentioned in my top choices…Udemy is a little bit like Outschool but for adults. You’ll find courses in any topic from design to business to photography. My son took several classes on Udemy to learn how to code games in Unity. The classes are almost always on sale so the price is right too.

Homeschool Spanish Academy

“Designed to be more rigorous than any public high school curriculum, our students are taught not only to master Spanish grammar but how to apply their knowledge through conversation with their instructors and in everyday life. Our program satisfies the high school foreign language requirement for college admissions and prepares students for a future of speaking Spanish as a second language.”

Code Academy

This is not a fun and games coding academy that your kids did when they were little. This website offers serious classes so your teen can learn various coding languages and computer science.


Learn to type faster, easier, and better with these interactive games and lessons. Teens will also find information on Digital Citizenship, Coding, and Career Prep.

Beyond Personal Finance

Help your teen prepare for their financial future with these interactive one-semester classes. This opportunity allows teens to simulate life at ages 22-42 with real choices & real budgets.  

Wires for a digital activity.

Online Secular Websites That Offer a Variety of Subjects


Teens and adults can find a variety of short courses in an area of interest to develop their skills or further their knowledge. You might be able to put together a full credit using a variety of courses, especially for an elective.

Blue Tent Online

Your homeschooled teen will find live and text-based math, science, and English classes. Blue Tent Online is very community focused so you’ll also find clubs.

Aim Academy Online

Aim Academy Online offers introductory and college prep online classes for a variety of subjects. There are year-long, semester-long, and 7-week courses.

Time for Learning

You’ll find a variety of self-paced online courses included with your membership. A monthly membership for high school students includes 4 courses, but additional courses can be added for just $5 a month.

Next Level Homeschool

Developed by a fellow homeschooling mom, this website offers a variety of self-paced online courses for teens.

Power Homeschool Services (providing Acellus courses)

This website is the official provider of Acellus courses which include a variety of core academic courses for homeschooled teens. You’ll also find an entire section dedicated to Stem-10 courses for students.

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is a completely FREE site with a wide variety of core and elective classes for your teen. You’ll find computer classes, history, math, science, and more. We have used Kahn Academy for history, and while we found it a little dry, the information was solid and it worked for our family that year.

Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) Online Courses

SEA Online offers engaging, meaningful learning experiences in a variety of subjects. There are both live and self-paced/guided courses.

Mr. D Math

I’ve mentioned Mr D Math previously but wanted to include it here as well because you’ll find so much more than math courses on this website. You’ll find plenty of fantastic electives as well as classes for English Grammar.


Search from 1000’s of classes in both core subjects and electives. Not only do I teach on Outschool, but my sons have both taken classes on this platform. It’s been a fantastic option with a wide variety of teachers and options.


EdX opens the power of learning to all students (teens and adults). Classes are offered on a variety of subjects and taught by instructors from various colleges, including MIT, Berkley, and Harvard. You’ll find individual courses as well as boot camps and a variety of degrees you can earn online. Some courses are completely free while others have a fee associated with them.


MiaPrep currently offers the option to take individual courses or enroll in a complete 9th and 10th-grade online high school. While classes are self-paced, the interactive features help make this an engaging online curriculum for high school students.

Open Tent Academy

At Open Tent Academy you’ll find live courses in all subject areas including many high school electives. There are also AP courses available for high schoolers. While classes are conducted live, recordings are available for students.

Online G3

You’ll find a wide variety of classes that include an online community for students. There are classes included for gifted/2e students as well as traditional learners. There are dual enrollment classes as well.

Athena’s Advanced Academy

This online academy has a full curriculum available for advanced/gifted kids and a separate track for homeschoolers of all abilities.

A teenagers learns from an online class.

Online Christian Websites that Offer a Variety of Subjects

Excelsior Classes

You’ll find live, online classes for a variety of high school subjects and electives taught from a Christian Worldview.

The Potter’s School

At The Potter’s School, you’ll find both a complete curriculum and classes your teen can take individually. Classes are taught live and from a biblical worldview.

True North Homeschool Academy

You’ll find a variety of live, online courses for your teen to take in high school. This option promotes a small class size as well. While these courses are taught from a Christian worldview, I did notice a secular path as well.

Compass Classroom

Find a wide variety of self-paced video courses taught from a Christian perspective. Their mission is “to create products that will be useful to moms, interesting to students, and glorifying to God.”

Memoria Press

This online classical Christian school offers courses in history, science, history, and logic & philosophy.

Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections provides homeschool families with access to an affordable Catholic education through both live and pre-recorded classes. You’ll even find a wide variety of classes, including theology courses.

Schoolhouse Teachers

This website offers courses in all subject areas for the entire family for just one low monthly price. Courses are taught from a Christian worldview

Veritas Press

This is a Classical Christian online academy with both live and self-paced classes available. Veritas Press offers a fully accredited program.

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