The Best Unit Studies For Book Lovers

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Unit studies are an amazing way to learn for kids who love books! If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to help your child fall in love with learning, unit studies can help with that. Beginning a unit study that focuses on your child’s interests and natural curiosity is the perfect way to engage them in learning history, science, and so much more!

Books form a strong foundation for any great homeschool unit study. Reading together is powerful! You can tap into that wonder and magic with great books that will help to ensure your child grows to be a lifelong learner. 

Don’t miss out on my favorite unit studies for book lovers filled with excellent books that are sure to bring your lessons to life this year! Plus, get the scoop on how you can build unit studies around great books in a budget-friendly way.

Find the best interest-led unit studies for book loving kids.

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The Value Of Homeschool Unit Studies

I love unit studies! Unit studies allow us to build lifelong learners while focusing on topics and subjects our homeschoolers are passionate about. Beginning a unit study with topics that pique your child’s curiosity makes homeschooling much easier!

If your child is already interested in or curious about dinosaurs, they’ll be more engaged in lessons that feature prehistoric creatures. Plus, they’ll be more likely to retain all the important things you’re trying to teach them. In this way, you can use unit studies to encourage your kids to dive deep into new material and learn amazing things about the subjects they’re already curious about.

Adopting the unit study approach with reluctant learners is a great way to get them interested in the lessons too. If your child “hates learning” or “hates school,” unit studies might be the answer. 

We love the way unit studies get our whole family involved too! This approach makes it easy to foster a deeper connection in our family by making memories as we learn and experience new things together.

Build fantastic family memories with this unit studies from The Waldock Way

Books As A Foundation Of Unit Studies In Your Homeschool

Reading books together is a powerful thing! It’s also a really important part of our homeschool experience. We’ve discovered that we can read great books and learn just about everything from them. 

Did you know that some of the world’s most successful people are people who spend time reading and learning from books long after they’ve finished school? For example, Elon Musk reads two books every day! 

Helping our homeschooler fall in love with books and learn to love reading is a huge part of ensuring successful lifelong learning. I’ve been reading to my daughter Emily since I was pregnant. Even though Emily can read independently now, I still read books aloud to her too.

Explore Percy Jackson with this homeschool unit study from the Waldock Way.

Unit Studies With The Waldock Way: Book Lists Included!

We create a lot of our own unit studies here at The Waldock Way. Each of our unit studies is literature-based and interest-led. Books are an essential part of every Waldock Way unit study.

Each unit study is built around a great book. For example, Traveling the States is built on The 50 States by Gabrielle Balkan, and Greek Heros and Myths is built on Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. Plus, you’ll get a book list filled with suggested reading to dive deeper into every unit study!

The books are an essential part of every unit study. All the activities, games, and assignments are built around the books. You’ll get custom coloring pages related to what you’re reading together, crafts and games to play together as a family, and even writing prompts from the books in every single unit study from The Waldock Way.

Books are a necessary component to the homeschool unit studies from The WAldock Way such as this Survival one.

Try The Waldock Way In Your Homeschool

Want to try The Waldock Way in your homeschool this year? I’ve got a special deal that will help you save 30% off your entire purchase now through August 31, 2023! Just use the code Waldock2023 when you check out to get a deal on any of our unit studies for book lovers including:

Who Was Mini Unit Studies

Passport to Adventures

Traveling the World

Survival Unit Study

Holiday Fun Around the World

In addition to all our unit studies being based on great books, they’re also all interest-led. Interest-led unit studies help keep Emily engaged and excited about what we’re learning. Here at The Waldock Way, we’ve got something for everyone! 

Special thanks to Jessica Waldock from The Waldock Way for sharing this fantastic information about interest-led homeschool unit studies.

Learn more about homeschool unit studies from Jessica Waldock

Jessica Waldock is a writer, photographer, and homeschool mom of one living in sunny Florida. She founded The Waldock Way as a way to give back to the homeschool community that she loves so much.

At The Waldock Way Jessica shares tips, tricks, inspiration, and unique resources that help ignite a love of learning in children that will last a lifetime. She inspires families to engage in homeschooling as a lifestyle where relationships come first and interest-led learning prevails. Jessica also has a fabulous collection of unit studies on her website and shares generously on her YouTube channel.

Find Jessica:
Blog: www.thewaldockway.com
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Learn more about the fantastic unit studies from The Waldock Way

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