These 15 Early Chapter Books Will Make Your Kid Love Reading

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“Mommy! We have to read the Bots book again! We need to see what happens to Tinny!” This was not a request but a demand shouted at me from the bathroom, where my son was supposed to be brushing his teeth. He had just discovered his first early chapter book series and was obsessed! 

I love this in-between stage when kids discover the wonder and excitement of early chapter books. It’s so fun to watch them be enthralled with stories, unable to put the book down.

There are so many characteristics of early chapter books. The sporadic pictures break up the story, and the short chapters provide frequent stopping points for children to take breaks. They help struggling or reluctant readers feel like they’re making progress and reading chapter books like their friends. Reading early chapter books boosts confidence in children who think reading is challenging. 

These 15 chapter books for early readers will help your child fall in love with reading.

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15 Early Chapter Books Your Kids Will Love

I am thrilled to share 15 wonderful and exciting early chapter books recommended by moms like you. Most of the books listed below are part of a series. So when your child loves a character, they can read more adventures with them.

Greetings From Somewhere: The Mystery of the Gold Coin
Harper Paris

Join Ethan and Emma as they search the town for a precious gold coin. They must find it before they set off to travel the world.

Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows
Asia Citro

Zoey and her cat Sassafras are shocked when a sick dragon appears in her backyard. When she realizes her dad can’t see the creature, she must use her scientific knowledge to save the day.

Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival
Rebecca Elliott

Eva has offered to organize the Treetop Festival, but it is too much work. Even with her friend’s help, Eva is not sure if everything will be finished in time. Will the festival be canceled?

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
Betty MacDonald

In her upside-down house, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle always has the perfect baked good for any child needing help. And she always knows what’s best.

Ada Lace is on the Case
Emily Calendrelli

Scientist and inventor Ada sets out to her neighbor’s dog, who’s been dognapped! As she investigates with her friend Nina, things become more and more mysterious.

Sam is Stuck (Dyslexic Font): The Kent’s Quest
Cigdem Knebel

Tim and his sister, Kim, enter into a rescue mission to save Sam, the talking codfish. Will he ever be free? (This book, written in Dyslexie font and uses decodable and high-frequency words, is designed to help struggling readers gain confidence and fluency)

Baseball’s Greatest Players: 10 Baseball Biographies
Andrew Martin

10 biographies spanning 10 decades, this book covers the great baseball players! Learn fun facts and all about the careers of these legendary players.

Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots: The Bailey School Kids
Marcia Thornton Jones

All the teachers have quit Bailey Elementary School thanks to the wild third graders. Their new teacher, Mrs. Jeepers, just moved from Transylvania. She seems to have strange powers and weird methods to handle the rowdy class.

Mercy Watson to the Rescue
Kate DiCamillo

Mercy is the beloved pig of Mr. and Mrs. Watson. As Mercy crawls into bed with her favorite buttered toast snack, Mr. and Mrs. Watson fall through the floor! Will Mercy be able to alert the fire department and save her family?

Nate the Great
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Nate must use his detective skills to help Annie find a missing picture. Will he be able to solve the mystery for his friend?

Welliewishers: The Muddily-Puddily Show
Valerie Tripp

Created by American Girl, best friends try to put on a show, but will the girls be able to overcome challenges and work together? 

Bots: The Most Annoying Robots in the Universe
Russ Bolts

Many years after scientists sent satellites into space, they started receiving videos of a planet inhabited by robots. Bots Joe and Rob find a video camera and record their extraordinary adventures.

The Magic School Bus: The Truth About Bats
Eva Moore

Join Ralphie and the rest of the class on a field trip with Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus to learn all about bats!

Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
Barbara Park

The funniest kindergartener in the world, Junie B. is starting a new school year and is scared of riding the bus. And what about the meanies? She just wants to go home now, please. 

Penny and Pepper: Pony Mysteries
Jeanne Betancourt

Join Penny and her new pony, Pepper, at her grandparent’s farm. With the help of her friends, they solve neighborhood mysteries and even save a kitten!

I hope this list of early chapter books sparked excitement for you and your child. What books are your children loving? Share with everyone in the comments below. 

Special Thanks to Emily Sewell from Intentionally Well for this fantastic list of early chapter books for kids to enjoy.

I’m Emily Sewell, the voice behind Intentionally Well. I love to encourage mothers just like you in their everyday journey. At Intentionally Well, you’ll find all things homeschooling, homemaking, and encouragement to get you through the day. I’d love to connect with you on Instagram, where I share everyday life.

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These fantastic chapter books for early readers will make them fall in love with reading.

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