The Best Homeschool Planners to Organize Your Homeschool Year

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There is something about a brand-new homeschool planner that just gets a homeschool mom so excited and ready for the coming year. In addition to the fresh look and feel of a planner, a good one will help organize the coming year and keep everyone on track.

Homeschool planners are not a one-size-fits-all all sort of thing because every homeschool mom has a unique lifestyle to organize. Thankfully, there are plenty of homeschool planners to choose from.

Find the best homeschool planner to organize your homeschool year.

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Types of Paper Homeschool Planners

There are plenty of different homeschool planners available. The right planner is a great way to make sure you start your homeschool day well.

Take time to consider some of the options to determine the best fit for your needs:

Printable Planners – This is a great option, especially if that planner is customizable before it is printed. You can print it at home or at a local shop.

Printable Pages – Some planners are simply a PDF with pages you can print in the quantity you would like and then organize them as a planner. Bind them at home or at a local shop. You can also hole punch the pages and keep them in a 3-ring binder or on a clipboard as needed.

Pre-Printed Planners – The advantage of these planners is that they are printed and ready to go, but they aren’t able to be customized in the same way. You’ll want to pay attention to whether or not the calendar is DATED or UNDATED.

Nothing is perfect and I have tried a variety of styles over the years. Every person’s homeschool experience is a unique one. Consider what might work best for your situation and give it a try.

You can also explore an online homeschool planner if a paper planner isn’t the best option for you.

10 Top Homeschool Planners

Not every one of these planners is created specifically for homeschooling parents. Some are just really great academic planners that can be used by homeschool parents.

Either option will work well for homeschool planning and selecting the best one is a matter of personal preference based on the homeschool planner’s key features.

If you are a working homeschooling parent, you’ll want to consider a homeschool planner for a working mom and make sure you find something that fits your specific situation.

The Waldock Way: Homeschool Planners

Check Out the Homeschool PLanners from The Waldock WAy

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These digital planners come in a variety of title pages you can choose from. Your purchase includes an editable version (powerpoint) and a PDF version so you can type or write your plans. You’ll find:

Curriculum Checklist
Unit Study Planner
August-July Undated Monthly Calendars
Week at a Glance
A Variety of Layouts for Your Week
Game Logs
1,000 Books, Games, and Hours Outside

And so much more.

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Learning Well Forever Planner

The Learning Well Homeschool Planner comes in a variety of colors.

These planner pages come in a variety of color designs. Pictured above is the brand new classic gold, though you’ll also find blue, black, and pink in the shop. In this homeschool planner from Learning Well, you will find:

+ 12 monthly calendars (undated)
+ MONTHLY planning pages
+ LESSON PLANNING PAGES with loads of choices:
+ DAILY DOCKET download to print and keep track of your day’s activities
+ UNIT STUDY planning page
+ BOOKS read and book wish list pages

My Homeschool Planner by Pam Barnhill

This homeschool spiral planner from Pam Barnhill has all you need for the year!

In addition to planning pages in her shop, Pam Barnhill now offers this spiral-bound homeschool planner in full color. There is no need to print the pages yourself – this one is done for you. Inside this planner you’ll find:

  • Annual and long-range planning forms
  • Goals worksheets and final goal sheets for up to 10 kids (perfect for large families)
  • Course of study forms
  • Block (term) and loop scheduling forms
  • Weekly planning forms
  • Lesson Plan Lists (our unique way of planning your homeschool so you never feel behind)
  • Weekly spreads (36 in all ) to plan your homeschool and your life throughout the year
  • Blank grids to use as reading logs or so much more.

Homeschool Planner by The Peaceful Press

“The Peaceful Planner is your tool for creating a sustainable homeschool plan. With The Peaceful Planner you can set up a meal plan, manage weekly activities, goal plan for yourself and your children, and keep a weekly schedule visible so that you don’t overbook your time. The Homeschool Planner includes:

  • 192 pages printed on high-quality interior stock
  • Monthly tabs
  • Undated sections
  • Reading Log
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Field Trip Planner
  • Beautiful hardback cover with gold spiral and corner protectors

Homeschool Lesson Planning Notebook by Schoolnest

This beautiful planner uses a dot grid journal-inspired framework to guide you. The templates are flexible and open-ended so you can make it your own to fit your needs and the way you homeschool. This planner includes:

  • Yearly Events Overview
  • Book List Pages
  • Monthly Brainstorm & Undated Monthly Calendar & Monthly Reflections Page
  • 4 Weeks per month of weekly planning
  • Weekly Goals & Notes
  • Weekly Schedule (6am-9pm)
  • Weekly Lesson Plan Grid for 7 subjects, 6 days of school
  • Daily Details (6 per week)
  • End of the year reflection pages
  • And more!

Deluxe Teacher Lesson Planner

This is not a planner created specifically for homeschooling parents, but it is an excellent option to consider. I had several years that I used a traditional teacher planner for my homeschool planning and it worked well. It is a dated planner so you can’t customize it for any school year.

This planner includes:

  • DATED: August 2023 – August 2024
  • Planning pages for 52 weeks
  • 5 days across the top and 7 classes down the side
  • High Quality Design
  • IMonthly Calendar Planning Pages
  • Weekly Calendar Planning Pages
  • Daily Schedule Charts
  • And More

Homeschool Lesson Planning Minimalist Notebook by Schoolnest

The Homeschool Lesson Planning Minimalist Notebook uses a dot-grid journal-inspired framework to guide you in planning and documenting your homeschool lessons. The notebook is designed as an undated, 12-month, 52-week planner, with the monthly calendars all up front, and 52 weeks of planning pages to follow.

This planner contains:

  • Blank Grid Pages
  • Blank Yearly Overview Calendar Page
  • Field Trips Page (list your field trips as you take them through the year)
  • Book List Pages (keep a running list of books you read, or plan to read)
  • 12 2-page spread Month-In-Review to journal, tape in photos, jot memories or accomplishments at the end of each month
  • Weekly Lesson Plan Grid for 7 subjects, 6 days of school (or 7 days, 6 subjects)
  • 2 Pages to reflect on the school year 

Mega Homeschool Planner and Organizer

“This Mega Homeschool Planner and Organizer was designed by a Homeschool Mom with the goal of being completely customized and flexible enough to fit the needs of most homeschoolers. Whether you homeschool 1 child or many, this planner will keep you organized, hold your important records, make planning a breeze, track anything, is portable and conveniently stores away.”

This planner includes:

  • Undated Monthly Calendar 2-page spread
  • Undated weekly lesson planner for 7 subjects
  • Monthly Dashboards
  • Reading List
  • Term Goals Planner – makes planning out your curriculum a breeze.
  • Student Checklist – Can be used to track grades or anything else that is important to your homeschool family
  • Year in Review – Build in keepsake to record this year’s best memories and space for a collage.
  • Journal Notes – Extra pages to journal about your school year or leave important notes or plans for next year.

Bloom Daily Planner: Academic Year

This is another beautiful academic planner that isn’t created specifically for homeschooling parents but could be used to keep your homeschool week organized. In addition to monthly and weekly layouts, you’ll find habit tracking and life coaching/inspiration pages as well.

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