A Fantastic List of Homeschool Resources with Everything You Need

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After over a decade of homeschooling, I have tried so many homeschooling resources. This is an ever-growing list of the best options out there.

You’ll find homeschool resources for YouTube, podcasts, online classes, and more. There are a ton of great options to add a little pizazz and sparkle to your homeschool this year.

Hey Friend. You should know that some of these resources have an affiliate program so there might be affiliate links below. You can read my full disclosure here.

The Best Homeschool Resources

Over the years I have collected a ton of homeschool resources that our family has enjoyed or people have recommended to me.

In this collection below you will find podcasts, websites, the best freebies, online classes, and more.

I’ll begin with my top five resources of all time, which I think every homeschool family can enjoy regardless of homeschool philosophy, routine, or other curriculum choices.

My Top Five Resources for ALL Homeschools

1. The Art of Storytelling from Pixar in a Box – Free and fun storytelling lessons from the best storytellers.

2. Universal Yums – Our Hands-downs favorite subscription box!

3. CNN 10 – 10 minutes of world news every morning for middle and high school students
Kids Nuz – (alternative to CNN 10) A 5-minute world news/current events podcast for the whole family, including younger kids.

4. The Waldock Way – fantastic unit studies for elementary school

5. Celebrate a Book – book club guides with fun ideas and discussion questions

Free Websites

Print Mega Maps – Print maps of countries, continents, and the world in any size you like

The Kids Should See This – a variety of videos to share with your kids

Xtra Math – systematic math fact practice

Duolingo – foreign language app

Purple Math – Free math help for algebra topics and beyond

Chess.com – Free tutorials and instruction to learn chess or improve your skills

Wonderopolis – a website with short videos that answer all of your great questions

Find the best homeschool resources for every homeschool family.

YouTube Channels

Jonathan Bird’s Blue World – marine biology comes to life

High School Chemistry with Tyler DeWitt – easy to understand explanations

Mark Rober – physics comes to life in extreme experiments for all ages

Cosmic Kids Yoga – get your kids moving with these free yoga videos for kids

Crash Course – There are topics on so many subjects, though we tend to use the history videos (US and World)

Smarter Everyday – so many fun and educational videos

Great Big Story – explore short, human interest stories via video from around the world.

The Sci Guys – educational science videos for all ages

Ted Talks

The Danger of a Single Story – discuss this one with the teens and talk about the importance of curiosity and knowing many stories about people and places


90-second Naturalist – a podcast from NPR that includes “a daily glimpse into the natural world from Thane Maynard, President of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.”

Homeschool Conversations – homeschool mom conversations with Amy Sloan, Humility and Doxology


Libby from Overdrive – register your library card and check out digital books and audiobooks for free

Duolingo – learn a foreign language for free

FREE Products and Curriculum Resources

Pack of Fantastic Planning Pages – lots of options for your homeschool planning

Poem of the Month – have the Poem of the Month with discussion topics sent straight to your inbox

Art History Kids Free Resource Library – free access when you sign up for the newsletter

Daily Writing Prompts – delivered straight to your inbox

Rooted in Language – the free resource page for language arts products

The best homeschool resources for all homeschool families!

More Products and Curriculum Resources

Monthly Listening Calendar – incorporate music appreciation into your routine each day.

Election Lap Book and Unit Study – add this resource to learn more about the election process.

MEL Science Subscription – perform chemistry experiments at home with this monthly subscription

Around the World Stories – Learn about places and people from around the world through stories, recipes, activities, and more

Curiosity Stream – access to thousands of documentaries for just $2.99 a month or less.

Online Classes

Chalk Pastel Art – art video courses using chalk pastels (specific courses for history and literature)

Mystery Science – a free video-based science curriculum

Mr. D Math – Math, ASL, Economics, Life Skills, and more! (This is our favorite math!)

Khan AcademyFree online classes for students from elementary to high school

Masterpiece Society Art School Lessons – Find lessons for drawing, watercolors, pastels, and acrylic.

Masterpiece Society Studio Membership – Access to all art appreciation and art courses for K-12 (read about our experience with the membership)


(***Receive a $20 credit if you are new, otherwise, just click on the class title below.)

Zombie Apocalypse: Surviving in the American Colonies – highly rated Colonial history fun on Outschool

Wilde E. Coyote Physics – Physics fun for ages 6-10

Book Clubs for Kids – book clubs for kids to discuss graphic novels, fiction books, and fantasy books for kids ages 8-14

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