An Open Letter of Love: To My Rolling Cart

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Dear Collapsible Rolling Cart,

I didn’t want to face your demise.  Layers upon layers of duct tape were used for almost a year to keep you together but in the end, the tape could hold no longer.  You were finished.  And we had to move on.

The obvious solution was a replacement, but I didn’t want to spend the money.  I know.  I know.  You are the most valuable part of our library trips. But in my frugality, I tried to live without you.


I was confident that a really large bag would do the trick. Unfortunately, the bags could not even begin to hold the amount of books we check out during one library visit.  I had to admit that it just wasn’t working.

Next, I attempted to divide up our library book stash between all of our arms, sometimes in addition to a bag or two. After several trips with books up to my chin, I knew this next plan was a fail.

Rolling Cart Thank YouI confess. Our trips to the library are miserable without you, my faithful two-wheeled book carrier.

Nothing works as well as you. You carry all of the books. kids books. teen books. teaching books. mom books. poetry books.  art books.  silly books.  And no one has to carry you.

Even the 7-year-old can wheel you along with our entire stash of books!

So I gave in and finally ordered you again. You arrived this week.

And it is so very good to have you back.

Each time I walk in the door and see you sitting in your rightful place in the family room it brings a smile to my face.  There you sit so strong and sturdy as the children and I fill you with enormous piles of library books that are ready to be returned.

I am sure there are so many other jobs opportunities available to you, but for our family, you will always be our trusty library rolling cart.  And I will be forever grateful.

Welcome back.

Your library-crazed homeschooling Momma friend,

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  1. Love it! I’m curious to know approximately how many books your family might check out in a week? Do you have a regular library day? Are all of your children readers or do you assign books? Fun topic!

    1. Laura – WOW! Great questions. I think I need a periscope for this one! We don’t have a regular day. We tend to go about every two weeks. We also request books online for my husband to pick up on his way home from work. I typically have over 50 checked out at any one time, though we have had over 100 pretty often. One of my kids is what you would call a “reader” though they all enjoy reading at bedtime. They have one assigned book each month and beyond that it is just fun reading. We still get a TON of picture books!

  2. Hahaha! This is hilarious and also hits pretty close to home! We’re currently using the “each person has their own tote” strategy, hoping this might possibly somehow limit the number of check-outs. Or maybe we just need this cart. 🙂 What is the per-card limit at your library?

    1. The limit in our county is 999. I only use my card (to keep track of what is checked out)! We often have 50ish books and have even had over 100. In MD, we could have 60 so I used my card and my educator card so I could have 120 🙂 I LOVE the cart! LOVE! It helps at home too!

  3. I just bought one last month and it is a game changer – I can’t believe I didn’t get one long ago!! I have 50-60 books out at a time between Build Your Library curriculum + add ons, fun read aloud picture books, and my books for fun.

  4. Looks like I need to purchase Rolling cart! I am always having to limit how many books my kids get and it feels like the meanest homeschool Mom thing to do 🙂

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