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The Legend of Brightblade Book Review and Discussion Questions

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This Legend of Brightblade book review includes my thoughts and potential discussion questions about this fantasy graphic novel. This delightful fantasy novel includes magic, unique characters, and an epic battle of musical proportions.

I chose The Legend of Brightblade for my kid’s graphic novel online book club in 2023.

The Legend of Brightblade book review and discussion questions.

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The Legend of Brightblade
Ethan M. Aldridge

Genre: Graphic Novel, Realistic Fiction
Length: 272 pages
First Published: 2022

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Publisher’s Description: The Legend of Brightblade

“Young Prince Alto dreams of being a hero like his mother, the Lady Brightblade. Her well-known legend was woven into stories by the magical bard who fought by her side.

The kingdom may be at peace now, but Alto believes that the world still needs heroes. He has been learning the bard’s magic, and has grown restless with royal life. Determined to have an adventure of his own, Alto runs away from the palace.

On his journey, he finds himself making new friends and encountering new and exciting magic. But when he discovers that there are dangers threatening the kingdom, Alto realizes that he might not be able to handle them alone—and making his mark as a hero is harder than the stories made it seem.”

My Goodreads Review

Alto, a young prince, dreams of being a hero just like his mother. He has been learning the bard’s magic and is ready to do more than live his boring life in the castle. Determined to have an adventure and explore more of his skills, Alto runs away from the palace to explore the kingdom. Along the way, he meets more friends who also have learned to use Bard’s magic. They learn about a danger that is threatening the kingdom and together, they are determined to stop the evil plot.

I have grown to love this book more each time I read it. I was a little overwhelmed by the plot the first time I read it so I wasn’t able to appreciate the story in the same way. I’ve now read it three times and find that I appreciate so much about this story.

I love that the magic in the book comes from the music they play on their instruments. It seems to be saying that real magic can be found in creativity, music, and art. The characters are unique and break traditional stereotypes. Their friendship shows the strength that can be found in good friendships. The graphics are well done and I enjoyed the color palette.

This is a great book for middle-grade readers.

My Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This review of the Legend of Brightblade includes questions to help you plan your homeschool study.

The Legend of Brightblade: Discussion Questions for Your Homeschool Study

1. What elements of fantasy do you see present in this graphic novel?

2. There are different color speech bubbles throughout this graphic novel. Why do you think there are different colors? What do they mean?

3. What lessons does this story teach the reader? (the magic of music; creating peace vs. discord)

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