Cross Country Trip Journal – Day 3

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We woke up in Weatherford, OK after sleeping in (8 AM) a bit. Our first destination was a random “point of interest” that we discovered using the roadtrippers app.

Apparently, around the corner from our hotel was some sort of wind turbine display. We could see wind turbines in the distance, so we were curious about this display. The roadtrippers listing didn’t have a lot of great information.

About a mile up the street, sitting in the grass by City Hall, was a single wind turbine blade.  Very random.  Very cool.


The kids had a blast climbing around the turbine and exploring its enourmous size. I had no idea that they were so huge.


Daniel (age 6) declared this his favorite thing so far!


Kayleigh (age 13) enjoyed her favorite thing to do and had some fun upside down!


Then we were back on the road for the long drive through Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas before we settled for the night in Albuquerque, NM.

The amount of windturbines on the horizon was unreal. I had no idea how many were all over this area of Oklahoma and Texas.


It made me even more glad that we had taken some time to check out the blade this morning. I had a whole new perspective on the enormity of the wind turbines.  Seeing them from a distance just doesn’t do the size justice.


We had another fun stop planned and we continued rolling toward it.

Cadillac Ranch was another photo opportunity that we found using Road Trippers and it turned out to be well worth the 20 minutes.

Located just off the highway near Amarillo, Texas is a strange piece of “art”. Several cadillacs are “planted” in the ground and visitors are welcome to add their own touch to the art using spray paint.

Not kidding.  In the middle of nowhere on the side of the highway are approximately 10 Cadillacs in the ground.


How crazy is this?

I was prepared with two cans of spray paint and disposable latex gloves to keep our fingers clean. Of course, tons of spray paint cans littered the ground so we were able to use a variety of colors as we found them.

Everyone thought this was hysterically fun.

PicMonkey Collage

We left our own personal marks:




And then we were off again. We still had a few more hours to go before we reached Albuquerque. The kids were dying to spend some time at one of our hotels.

Staying in a hotel is a pretty rare treat for our kids, so they didn’t see it as a quick place to lay their head before moving on. For them, the hotel is part of the excitement and fun!

Even the Holiday Inn and Best Western.

Unfortunately for them, we arrived at 6:30 PM and I was hoping for a lovely dinner out in Albuquerque. But they were dying to swim, so we hopped in the pool while Daddy restocked our food at the local Walmart.


Dinner was cheese and crackers, fruit and sub sandwiches in our room.

Shortly after, we all crashed for the night.


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