Travel the Southwest USA with Kids

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We decided to Travel the Southwest USA as a family and it was an amazing experience. Two years later and we still revel in our memories. Our family packed up our 12-passenger van and headed out west to tour well-known parks and landmarks in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

This experience was a first for our family and now you can learn from our experience because I took really great notes:

Every time something happened that worked out well, I jotted it down. When a plan failed, I made a note of the problem. Finally, when I found myself thinking, “I wish I had known that,” then I wrote it down.

And now all of this information is compiled in a 40+ page guide so you can take your own adventure out west!

This great information can be downloaded for only $4.99 and you can begin planning:

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Headed for a vacation with the kids to the Southwest USA? I've got you covered with tips, hotels, restaurants, and more in this 40+ page e-book!

Travel the Southwest USA

Your adventure begins and ends in Albuquerque, New Mexico though it is easily adaptable from any location you choose to begin and end your Southwest Adventure.

A complete guide to travel the Southwest USA with your family.

Albuquerque is a perfect spot to begin and end your journey, but Las Vegas is another excellent option that you can work into your trip as a starting point.

Travel the Southwest USA: What parks and landmarks are included on this trip?

You’ll find tips and information about visiting the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park, and Mesa Verde National Park.

Visiting Bryce Canyon with your kids? I've got the tips and resources perfect to help you on your trip to the Southwest USA.

I’ve included suggestions to check out other sites nearby along the way.

This guide is available as a non-refundable downloadable PDF for $4.99:

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Travel the Southwest USA: What information is included in the guide?

The 11-Day Southwest Loop guide includes: a trip overview, planning and booking tips, specific plans (hikes, food, hotels) for each stop along the way, helpful apps and websites for planning, and some bonus ideas if you are driving to the Southwest from the East Coast.

Bonus ideas include fun stops such as Cadillac Ranch, Texas with helpful reminders to pack your spray paint and latex gloves!

Travel the Southwest USA: Is it only for families?

Clearly, my tips, ideas, and suggestions are based on our family experience with four children ages 7, 9, 11, and 13. The hotels we chose were with our kids in mind, including a night in a REAL train caboose! The restaurants we selected had kid menus in addition to decent options for mom and dad.

That being said, many of my planning tips, hikes, and tour suggestions are applicable to families, couples, and individuals. The included plans are flexible so that you can add extra days or even leave off a few.

Each stop includes suggested hikes, hotels, restaurants, and general helpful tips for anyone!

Grab your PDF for only $4.99 and start planning now!

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Happy Southwest Travels, Friends!

NOTE: as PDF’s are digital products they are non-refundable.

A 40+ page guide to planning a Southwest USA adventure of a lifetime.




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    1. Yes. I have included hotel options mainly so you would have to search local campgrounds. The information about hiking and the parks would all still be useful. I included our favorite hikes, spots to see, and things like that. Hope that helps!

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