Easy to Use Biography Printable: One Page Report


Grab this easy-to-use and ready-to-go biography printable for kids. Kids can fill in the details after reading a great biography.

Grab a few titles from our middle school biographies for kids list. You’ll find plenty of options for your middle school reader, from sports stars to astronauts to famous spies.


This biography printable includes five categories for your student to complete after reading (or watching) a biography:

Just the Facts – basic facts including name, birth information, education, and jobs
Accomplishments – list various accomplishments and specifics that make this person well-known
Famous Quote – Select a famous quote (if there is one); otherwise, you can just record a favorite quote from the book
Family Ties – for biographical family information
A Question I Would Ask this Person – record what you would ask if this person had dinner with you

After completing the biography printable, ask your student to share a few things they learned!


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