Welcome to March Literary Mayhem.

Instead of basketball teams, our bracket features 32 beloved children’s book characters competing for the number one spot. The winners of each round will be determined by YOUR votes!

Here is how to participate:

1. Download the bracket below.
2. Print a copy for each participant in your home.
3. Make your choices and select your ultimate winner.
4. Wait for instructions about voting to arrive in your inbox. (more voting information is included in your download)

Bookmark this page because you’ll always find updated links for voting and the results each week.

Our 2023 theme is Heroes versus Villains and includes some of the most beloved children’s book heroes and villains:

Heroes vs. Villains

Download your copy of March Literary Mayhem Heroes vs. Villians and join the fun.

Voting begins Monday, March 13th, and continues until the winner is announced on Tuesday, April 4th.

Ready to vote in our Literary Mayhem?

Vote for our Final Winner using this google form.

Winners will be announced below on Thursday, April 6.

Voting will also begin in my Instagram Stories on Wednesday, April 5 – Heroes and Villains.

Literary Mayhem results:

(updated weekly)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we voting for the best in a battle or our favorite?

You can vote however you like, but it was designed with the idea that you would vote for your favorite. Also, I suspect that the heroes wouldn’t battle each other, so it wouldn’t make sense to force them to battle in our brackets. *wink

Should we do one as a family or individual brackets?

You are welcome to do this either way. Voting can happen once from each Instagram and/or google account so try to find a way each person can vote on one or the other option.

How do we keep score?

Keeping score is completely optional, so you can come up with any method that works.

One way you could do it is:

1 pt for every winner in round 1 (sweet 16)
2 pts for every winner in round 2 (Elite 8)
4 pts for every winner in round 3 (final 4
8 pts for every winner in round 4 (Semi-Finals)
12 pts for picking the final winner correctly

*Feel free to modify, especially for young children. For example, once you total the points for round one, let everyone complete a chart with the round one winners and then vote again for round two. This will allow more chances for round two points even if the people you originally voted for we eliminated in round one. Continue like this for each round.

Most of all – HAVE FUN!