Word of the Year (2010)

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(Reprinted from my former blog in 2010 and recorded for my own records here.  I was inspired to select a word this year, 2016, which will be coming soon)

Two years ago, New Years 2008, God impressed a word on my heart that became my “word” for the year.

PURPOSE was the word. It helped to define the journey that I was on and I truly felt it was a hint of what was still to come in my understanding and walk with God.

I had it stamped on a necklace and have worn it almost daily ever since. A regular reminder that my day has already been planned.

My life has been purposed. My day has been purposed. In fact, this very moment has been purposed by God.

Am I giving it over to Him?

I assumed that in 2009, I would receive a new word for the year. But nothing came. I guess I figured it would be a one time thing.

But a few weeks ago, it became clear that God was impressing another word upon my heart.


It is a seemingly strange word for a homeschooling mommy of four little ones. After all, rest is something I don’t get a whole lot of. At least not physical rest.

But this is the journey I am on. Finding REST. True REST. The kind of REST I believe Jesus was speaking about when he declared in Matthew 11,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (verses 28-30)

REST that comes when we follow Him.

It is not just a good nap, though sometimes one might be on His agenda for me.

It is not having a day with no plans, but some days you might REST in an agenda free day.

It is not laziness, ever. After all, He has purposed each moment.

It will never have to include anxiety, fear, worry, or stress. None of those emotions are restful. (Matthew 6:25-34)

So what exactly is it?

For me…

It IS taking our lives, our burdens, our anxieties, our goals, and our desires and turning them over to Him entirely! (I Peter 5:7)

It IS resting in the blessed assurance that He will take care of every detail, every need, and every aspect of our lives.

Practically speaking…

I can plan a day with nothing to do so that I can rest and enjoy my kids because I don’t have to strive to “achieve” some worldly goal everyday.

I don’t have to take on more tutoring jobs when our family schedule is already busy because I can rest in His provision.

I don’t have to spout off the resume of my 7 year old to other moms because I can rest in the knowledge that His hand is on her life. In fact, my 7 year old doesn’t even need a resume of activities and classes unless I feel God working something out for our family. We can focus on building her relationship with Him and let the rest unfold in His timing.

I don’t have to make choices out of fear. My 3 year old doesn’t have to be pushed ahead of his time into the right soccer team or into the right preschool because I am afraid there won’t be a spot for him once he is five. If I rest in God’s timing, then he’ll work out the details.

I don’t have to nag my husband because I can rest in God’s Holy Spirit prompting Him when He needs it. (yeah…working on that one…daily)

I don’t have to worry about homeschooling for high school or my children getting into college because I can rest in His plan for our family THIS year. Knowing that as we trust Him now, He will work out the future.


It may not include an afternoon nap today. But it includes an overwhelming peace everyday.


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