Winding Down the Homeschool Year

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May is right around the corner.  The school year finish line is in sight, yet I find that I am not focused on it.  My mind begins to entertain thoughts about next school year.

What will we improve?  What will we change?  Do I really want to finish out Story of the World with book #4?  Did we do enough writing?  How can we do more?  Is there a better way to plan?  

One thought leads to the next.  to the next.  to the next.  and then to PANIC.  Because dreams of next year with all of its shiny improvements begin to make this year look dim and dirty.

Maybe we haven’t done enough this school year.  Maybe these new plans should start NOW.  Why wait?  I begin to panic and I start designing a new plan for May in my head.

Until I realize that I have lost my mind.  And I find it again.

This is not the time for new systems and new curriculums.  At least not in my house.  This is the time to look at what we are doing well and to finish it strong.

My friend, Alicia Hutchinson, recently said it this way:  Drop what is Dwindling and Rock the Rest!

running-track-1306518-1598x1062It’s the time to take a good, hard look at the tasks that remain in our last four weeks.  What are we enjoying?  What is draining the energy from our homeschool?

After considering these answers, I determined our course of action through this last month of school.

For me, that means letting go of Story of the World.  Truth be told, we only made it to chapter 29 before “way leading on to way” and we found ourselves exploring history topics that were based on our literature titles and not our history curriculum.  In the end, regardless of our unfinished Story of the World guide, we had a great year of memorable history experiences, discussions, and lessons.

It is also time to let our Science lessons die an abrupt death.  We attacked Apologia Anatomy this year with all that we had.  Eleven of the fourteen lessons were nailed with incredible creativity and energy.  But I am done.  The thought of finishing our Anatomy text is draining.  We can finish it up in the fall or just call it quits and move on.  Either way, we are finished for now.

So what will carry us to the finish line strong?

Literature.  We have one book club meeting left for each girl which means we all have one book left to enjoy together using our Brave Writer guides.  My younger three kids will enjoy the book, Love Ruby Lavender, with me and we will rock out our last Arrow guide!  Of course our Arrow guides include copywork and grammar, so both of those topics will continue to appear.  My oldest daughter is reading, Romeo and Juliet, with her book club.

Which leads me to my next strong finish.

Shakespeare.  We have jumped in the deep end and are swimming in Shakespeare!  Sonnets and plays and words…OH MY!  Introducing the Bard to my babies has been a ton of fun and rather than make it “another thing to do,” we have made it the MAIN thing to do.  This has helped give us time, freedom, and energy to devote to this topic.

Math.  Math is the third item that remains consistent in our day right now.  I can’t say we are doing it creatively or with a lot of energy because we aren’t.  But everyone continues to work on the next lesson and make progress in their lessons.

Beyond that, we will read lots of picture books, poetry and random library selections.  We’ll take field trips and enjoy games.  I hope to get outside on some nature trails and embrace this pretty weather without a “to-do” list that is too long hanging over my head.

Like most homeschooling moms, I am ready for summer!  But with a plan in place and some new topics in mind, I am ready to give it my all during these last 4 weeks.

What will May look like for you?  Are you wrapping up the year?




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