Using eBags on our Cross Country Trip

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In just a few days, we set to drive to the Grand Canyon.  Thirty-one hours in a car if you don’t stop at all.  Clearly it will take this family of six a bit longer.

While in the western United States, we will also visit a host of other destinations including Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Arches National Park.

We will spend a total of 17 days on the road sleeping in different locations almost every night.  It is going to be a grand adventure for sure, but it has created a packing nightmare for this mom.

There are six of us in our family.  The thought of dragging six suitcases up and down every night to the various hotels is not a fun one, so I knew there had to be a better solution.  And I think I may have found it!

Enter: eBags Packing Cubes.

Quite possibly the most brilliant, simple idea when it comes to cross country travel.

Out of curiosity, I ordered the 3 piece set which includes three total packing cubes: one large (17.5 x 12.75 x 3.25), one medium (13.75 x 9.75 x 3), and one small (11 x 6.75 x 3).  I wanted to play around with them before ordering more.


I began playing around with some thoughts based on the idea that I only want to take ONE small rolling suitcase into the hotel each night. This small suitcase would contain one pair of PJ’s for each person and toiletries.

Each member of our family would grab an outfit and put it in their backpack to bring to the hotel. Their hiking backpack could also transport iPods and such into the hotel.

What I needed was an easy way for each person in the family to grab their outfit for the day without digging through duffle bags in the parking lot of the hotel. This is where the eBags come in handy.

In the largest size eBag, I rolled up my”outfits for each day. Each roll consists of a T-shirt and undies. Every other day the outfit “roll” includes shorts because I plan to wear my shorts for two days in a row.

Beginning on the right, I have a shirt roll and then the next roll includes denim shorts. Then it is a roll without shorts and then one with.

Isn’t it lovely?


Of course, if you are Type A like myself then this possibly looks heavenly and brilliant.

If you are Type B, then you might be hyperventilating or laughing. Either way. You can stop here if this just isn’t going to be your thing. It is OK. We can still be friends.  But you might want to pausing and consider the idea.  Maybe.

If you are my brother, then you are laughing and thinking, “This is SO Mary.”  You would be right.  It is.  And I do love it.

But if you are drooling over the time we will save when we don’t have to dig for clothing, then by all means stay with me while we continue through the rest of the bags.

The medium size bag will house two pairs of pants (wind pants and sweat pants) a hoodie or jacket, a second set of PJ’s, and any extra clothing (athletic shorts, sports bra, 2 tanks).  I don’t suspect we will need to wear pants whole lot in the west in June as the temperatures are showing in the 90’s.


We each have a pair of wind pants that fit easily over our shorts so that we can layer.  While they don’t need to be in our daily outfit eBag, I do want them to be easily accessible.

Finally, the small ebag will contain socks for the week because there is no reason to have socks included in our daily outfit rolls.


For the first few days of driving, we will wear flip flops or crocs everyday.  But even on days we wear our tennis/hiking shoes, I prefer everyone to leave them in the van each night and wear flip flops into the hotel.  Socks can be pulled out in the morning when we change into our shoes for the day.

All three eBags of clothing are ready to go. So neat and tidy.


The eBags fit easily into my large duffle bag, keeping it organized so don’t spend time digging through clothing and messing up piles.


Because I ordered the girls different color eBags, one of them can easily share this duffle with me because there is plenty of room!

The big test of the eBags was showing my plan to my husband last night.  I was sure  he would laugh at his crazy wife.

 Instead, he asked me to order him a set and a set for each child.

While I ordered a set for my girls (13 and 11) and my husband, the boys (6 and 9) will make do with a previously ordered set of three large eBags.

I  ordered these earlier this month because the larger size seemed very handy.

I plan to use two of them for the boys daily outfit rolls.  Then I will put their extra clothing on the bottom of their small duffle bags, and their socks will be in gallon size ziploc bag.

The additional large eBag will contain all of our bathing suits, goggles, and sunscreen.  When we are ready to swim in the hotel pool, one of us can simply go grab this bag and know that everything we need is in there.


The next morning, assuming they dried overnight, the swim suits can be packed up OR hung up to dry in the van.

Of course, now it is time to pack up the kids and attempt to use this system successfully.  I think it is going to be great, but there is only one way to find out…try it.

Which we will do…in exactly THREE DAYS!

In the end, I have a feeling these eBags are going to be quite handy for all of our family travels and camping trips.

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4 thoughts on “Using eBags on our Cross Country Trip”

  1. I’m trying to make this work for camping in a pop up camper or tent trailer. We are going to Yellowstone in September. Ideas?

  2. Caroline Moore

    This is pretty much how we road trip!! I have never seen the ebags before so we used plastic tubs. Pretty much the same system though. This method is a game changer!! Once we empty the tub we would use it for dirty clothes. It kept us plenty of room in the back of the van for our cooler full of drinks.

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