Things I am Loving Right Now

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In case you are wondering, here are five things I am loving right now.

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1.  A mobile macro lens for my iPhone. Amazing. Entertaining. Somewhat magical.  And all of that for $10.  This little lens wraps around your phone with a rubber band and instantly equips your camera phone with a handy macro lens. 


If you are a family that has adopted nature study as one of your family or educational goals, then this is a must have. If you are a parent who just needs some entertainment for the kids when camping or in the backyard, then this little lens will fit the bill!

PicMonkey Collage

Heck, my kids were entertained in our car ride. Give them each a set time with the lens and let them loose!

2.  The Magical Clariol Root cover up Kit. I used this kit for the first time on Monday night after it was recommended by a lady in the Walgreens.

Her hair is professionally dyed at the salon, but she swore that this kit was a sure fire way to prolong the time in between visits.

Now, I dye my own hair, but it is getting to the point where I HAVE to do it every 4-5 weeks or a stripe of salt and pepper hair appears. It was pretty obvious in my mother’s day photos, so I decided to give the kit a try because dying my hair is a royal pain. Here is the evidence of the before shot:


Oh my goodness. SO easy to use. Very little mess. It was so much easier then dying my full head of hair. And the results were great.


Now I can wait a few more weeks before I have to break out the big guns and dye the whole thing again.

3.  Srsly Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Courtney Carbone. Oh my word. This book is hysterical, enjoyable, and witty.

My daughters and I have read this Hamlet book cover to cover and they are begging for more.  These titles are both part of the OMG Shakespeare series of books.  

IMG_5521I have my eye on the MacBeth and the Midsummer’s Nights Dream.  Oh let’s be real.  I want them all.  In fact, during our recent trip to the History Museum in downtown Raleigh I bought YoLo Juliet.  I had  three kids staring at me (ages 13, 11 and 9) who were BEGGING me to get another one of these books for our collection!

Who am I to refuse them some Shakespeare fun?

So I took a few moments to preview the “wedding night” in YOLO Juliet.  It was mearly a “check in” by Romeo and a mention of  “tonight was great but it’s morning…” so I let them get it.

BUT, that being said, let me give you a heads up that PARENTAL DISCRETION is advised.  These are not books for little kids.  I have only read the Hamlet book and perused the YOLO Juliet title.  While reading Srsly Hamlet, both of my girls seemed to gloss over the word “horny”, either understanding it without my knowledge (quite possible) or assuming it was a Shakepeare term that they didn’t know.  The abbreviation WTF is used in YOLO Juliet as well as the poop emoticon in a way that clearly means sh*t.

So while I am comfortable discussing this things with my kids and letting them read these books.  PLEASE use your own discretion.  You may want to hold off a bit if your kids are young.

IMG_55244.  Kids Travel Journals from Hearth Song.  We are about to travel from Raleigh to AZ and UT for some fun adventures.  Because she is excited for us and is and amazing Aunt…my sister ordered these journals for my kids and they are fantastic.  Best of all, for our situation, they are set up for a big one trip experience.

The beginning pages give you space for recording where you are going and who is coming.  Then there are pages to list your daily intinerary,
IMG_5526providing up to 14 days for you to fill in.  Our trip is exactly 15 days, so we’ll skip one of the boring travel days in our itenerary!

There are fun games to play while you travel, daily pages for recording experiences, and fun prompts to fill in throughout. We will be filling them in on Monday to get ready with our itinerary, which should help the kids get prepared and geared up for our adventure out west!

5.  Frixion erasable colored pens.  I love love love these pens.  They have been a fun edition to end our school year with something new.

I plan to start off next school year with a few fresh colors for the table.  They make erasable markers too.  It’s like magic.

WARNING:  The writing from these pens will disappear in the heat.  DO NOT use them for precious memories like travel journals.  We use them for school work.  I was tempted to use them for our journals until a follower on periscope warned me!  I pass that warning on to you.

What are you loving right now?

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2 thoughts on “Things I am Loving Right Now”

  1. Ooh! Are these the colored pens we tried at your house? And yea, I’m kinda drooling over that macro lense, too. Following them on IG and itching to have one!!

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