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Recently, I was fortunate enough to spend an entire weekend at a seminar with Julie Bogart from Brave Writer.  It was educational, informative, super helpful and fun.

53704_310x459Best of all, I didn’t have to leave my couch.

That’s right.  I enjoyed six hours of Brave Writer retreat lectures without leaving my own home.  How did I do it?  I viewed the Nurturing Brave Writer Families Retreat DVD’s.

What did I think of them?  I LOVED them!

I have been using Brave Writer products and following Julie’s blog and Facebook pages for over two years now.  My blog contains a lot of our experiences with BraveWriter products and philosophies.

Now, the idea of a seminar with Julie wasn’t a new one to me.  I was fortunate enough to attend a BraveWriter seminar in Richmond, VA just over two years ago when I kicked off my foray into the world of BraveWriting with my kids.  Yet, even with all of my BraveWriter experience and previous knowledge, I was able to learn new ideas and reinforce previous ones by watching these DVD’s.  I have a feeling I could watch them every summer and new thoughts would grab me.  That is the best part about owning them.

I am thinking #partyschool for moms this summer…a mini-retreat might be in the works.

brave writer retreat reviewSo, what do you get on the DVD set?

Five BraveWriter Sessions

Session 1: Nurturing Brave Writers
Session 2: Ally, Coach, and Partner
Session 3: The Brave Writer Lifestyle
Session 4: Fantasy Homeschool
Session 5: Help with High School

Every session helps the viewer understand and implement the Brave Writer lifestyle in their own homeschool, most specifically with teaching writing, but also as general homeschool philosophies.

The DVD’s can be purchased for $99 or individual sessions can be purchased for $29.99.

Session 1: Nurturing Brave Writers

Learn the overall principles of Brave Writer.  Understand the methods used to teach writing and where they come from.  Find ways to discover flashes of the “good stuff” in your child’s writing.  Walk away with concrete activities to implement in your home, such as the color walk.

Favorite Quote:  “Educators treat writing like a frog, something to dissect in a classroom.  Professionals treat writing the way a child sees a frog, as something jumpy and mysterious to play with.”

Session 2:  Ally, Coach, and Partner

This is a jam packed session!  Learn the stages of writing and growth and how to partner with your child appropriately during each stage.  Discover positive interactions over writing instead of negative talk and unrealistic expectations.  Learn strategies for every stage of writing.   Learn how to engage with your kids over any topic using the four “ex-” words: explore, expand, extrapolate, and expound.  Discover the 10 ways to partner with your child.  Recognize the passions of your older children and how they relate to education.

Favorite Quote:  “If you get close enough to it, even Pokemon cards can hold your fascinating in some limited say, I promise.  If nothing else, the delight in making your child happy will make you happy.”

Session 3:  The Brave Writer Lifestyle

Learn about copy work and dictation and their place in the homeschool.  Discover how to deal with bored children.  Discover how to incorporate art and nature into your homeschool lifestyle.  Learn the “one-thing principle”, the “joy principle”, what a routine vs. schedule looks like, and all about party school.  Hear how to develop a language rich environment in your homeschool.

Favorite Quote:  “Whenever I want to redecorate my house, I page through the Pottery Barn magazine till the feeling passes.”  (yes, the DVD’s are light-hearted and entertaining!)

Favorite Homeschooling Quote: “When you ask kids about their memories of homeschool, never once have they mentioned a Saxon math book.”

Session 4:  Fantasy Homeschool

Explore ways to bring your homeschool fantasies into your homeschool realities.  Understand the seasons of schooling and how to work with them when planning.  Learn how to bring your own unique personality and skills into your homeschool.  Understand that success = satisfaction + goal achievement and what the conditions look like to experience success.  Focus on your children and their “obsessions” as part of learning in your homeschool.

Favorite Quote:  “Things start going good and you create problems to solve…You don’t think you’re doing a good job unless it’s hard.”

Session 5:  Help for High School

Hear practical, helpful, and encouraging advice on parenting and education teenagers.  Learn about academic proofs in college and what is acceptable and required.  Learn about research and what it should look like.  Explore the forms for high school writing.  Learn the Brave Writer secret: Think Three.

Favorite Quote:  “If you sound like a left-wing or right-wing radio show, you are not writing an essay.  No essay ranting, only essay writing.”

Without a doubt, I am a HUGE fan of Brave Writer products and I learned a lot from watching these DVD’s.  I have no hesitation when recommending these DVD’s.  I have no doubt that you will learn from them and enjoy them as much as I have.

Disclosure: As a Brave Writer Ambassador, I was offered a downloaded version of these sessions for review.  I will receive a small percentage of your purchase of the DVD if you use my affiliate links throughout this post.  The opinions I have expressed about the valuable content are my own.


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