My Screamingly Fun Ultrasound Photo

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Some pregnancy moments are stranger than others.

This one that is seared in my memory forever. It’s the craziest ultrasound photo I have ever seen unless you have one that beats this one for my 4th baby.

My crazy ultrasound photo resembled a scary character!

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Remember that moment when you first laid eyes on the little one growing inside your belly?

Your baby’s ultrasound image.  Precious times.

That black and white picture of your little one moving around and performing for you.  Did your baby suck their thumb?  Hiccup for you?  Maybe even wiggle their little fingers?

A momma’s heart just melts. 

Unless, of course…that child looks CRAZY!

Yep.  That was the ultrasound photo of my fourth child, Daniel.  Taken at an insanely perfect moment.

Does he remind you of anyone? His mommy? His daddy?

Maybe this guy…?


The frightening crazy killer from the Scream movie series was the first person to come to my mind.

Oh boy.  What on earth was I in for?

Needless to say, I am glad he looks less like that guy at four years old.


And I just adore my little “scream” baby, now 7 years old.

Dan is 6

Any crazy ultrasound images part of the pregnancy stories in your house?



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2 thoughts on “My Screamingly Fun Ultrasound Photo”

  1. I just love you! My oldest thought my second was an alien giving him a thumbs up…that’s about as interesting as it gets (oh, and that every u/s tech had to say-oh look there! You know what that is…)

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