Review: Masterpiece Society Studio Membership

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Are you ready for the ultimate art experience in your homeschool?

Alisha Gratehouse, one of our favorite art teachers, has released an annual membership option for her art courses called the Masterpiece Society Studio Membership.

Our family has enjoyed several of Alisha’s courses in the past. We are currently excited to begin one of the newest courses, Watercolor Whimsies: Spring Edition.

This annual membership will give us immediate access to all of Alisha’s wonderful courses in addition to member bonuses.

Check out a Masterpiece Society Studio Membership for instant access to unlimited art coures all year long.

{This post contains affiliate links. I was also given access to an annual membership at no cost. I am thrilled to share it with you because our family truly loves these courses. Read my full disclosure.}

First, a little bit about Alisha Gratehouse from the Masterpiece Society:

Alisha Gratehouse is an artist, art instructor, homeschool blogger, and homeschooling mother. Tired of the uninspirational art available to homeschool moms in the past, she created art workshops to offer the homeschool community.

Her courses and workshops are designed to give kids, moms, and teens a fun and hands-on way to create beautiful pieces of art while learning about various art mediums.

In the past, the courses could ONLY be purchased individually, but all of that has changed because Alisha has introduced the Masterpiece Society Studio Membership.

Masterpiece Society Studio

Masterpiece Society Studio Membership: What’s Included?

With your membership you will receive instant access to almost all of Alisha’s current courses:

  • Celebrate Summer Mixed Media Workshop
  • The Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop
  • Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop
  • Springtime Splendor Mixed Media Workshop
  • Valentines Day Mini Mixed Media Workshop
  • Playful Pet Portraits
  • Mixing with the Masters, Volume 1
  • Mixing with the Masters, Volume 2

Your membership includes two of the latest courses, which I can’t wait to add to our plans this spring:

  • Watercolor Whimsies: Spring Edition
  • Abstract Expressions

Your membership also includes all of the Art School courses:

  • Art School: Drawing 101
  • Art School: Watercolor 101
  • Art School: Acrylics (& Oils) 101
  • Art School: Pastels 101

These amazing courses will teach you and your kids all of the fundamentals of art with a variety of mediums.

You’ll also receive access to exclusive member content:

  • Simple Drawing Lessons for K-2 students
  • Coloring Sheets to accompany lessons for your littlest family members
  • Exclusive Holiday Art Lessons
  • Create and Connect area for Moms only with monthly video lessons and a community to connect and share

You’ll receive every new art course released during your membership.

Masterpiece Society Studio

—> Membership is open to new members THIS WEEK ONLY! <—-

Masterpiece Society Studio Membership: The Cost?

A monthly membership is $25 a month, giving you access to all of the courses immediately.

Is it worth it?

Let’s do the math. Purchasing the Art School courses individually would cost $129 each for four courses. That’s $516.

Your annual membership is well worth the price for these courses alone. And you receive so. much. more.

So the short answer is YES. Yes, it is worth it.

Without a doubt, our Mixed Media Journals, full of art from Alisha’s courses, are my favorite memento of our homeschool year. You can see them on my Facebook Live below.

We love the Mixed Media Art Courses from the Masterpiece Society. We had fun with the Winter Wonderland course and can't wait to do more.

Masterpiece Society Studio Membership: What’s Not Included?

There are two things that are not included in the Masterpiece Society Studio

  • You Are a Masterpiece mixed media workshop is not included because it was created for women. Courses created for women in the future will not be included either.
  • The Masterpiece Society Art Appreciation Curriculum is not included. However, these courses are vanishing and will be given FREE to members for immediate download as they are removed.

—> Membership is open to new members THIS WEEK ONLY! <—-

Masterpiece Society Studio Membership: Facebook Live 2018 (update coming)

Masterpiece Society Studio Membership: Sign Me Up

Are you ready for the quality, affordable, and easily accessible art lessons?

Are you ready to let your kids and teens explore and express their creativity?

Are you done with your excuses for skipping art?

If so, then click on the link below to sign up:

Our family enjoys the masterpieces we create using Alicia’s courses and I have no doubt that you and your family will too.


Masterpiece Society Art Course - Fall Mixed Media


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  1. Thank you for sharing all of your family’s great experiences with this program. I have enjoyed following on IG and finally decided to take the leap and do it. We’re all excited and I hope that our family enjoys it as much as yours has. Thanks for your inspiration!

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