5 Reasons We Love Camping

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Eric and I camped a few times before having children.

Of course, we were certain that one day, in the not so distant future, we would take children camping with us; and since we planned to have a few, we invested in a 6 person tent even before they came along.

Don’t laugh.  I am a planner.  I can’t help it.

Of course, we had no idea that it would take over a decade before we actually packed up that tent and used it with children. And now we are hooked.

And while I could list a bunch of things about camping that are difficult like cooking and cleaning or annoying like bugs or frustrating like weather that doesn’t cooperate, I am going to focus on the top five reasons that I am now in love with camping.

Reasons we love camping.

Number Five.

This look is completely acceptable.

I call it the “yes, I did sleep in a tent last night, but so did you so who cares” look.  Everyone walking around in the AM bears a slight resemblance to this look.  And we all rock it!

Of course, posting it on the blog…well, that is a bit daring of me.  But since I went there, we’ll post a few other looks that I get away with while camping.

There is the “what decade are we in again” hair flip look.  It’s what my hair wants to do in the heat and humidity when I can’t control it.  Just give me a poodle skirt and I am ready to go.


And finally, the “none of us have electricity to use our blow dryers, so just go with it” look that I wear most of the time. IMG_0471

I do love my blow dryer, but when camping, the acceptable culture of not having one works for me!

Number Four.

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Hammocks.  Love.  Love.  Love.  These double size hammocks.  What is not to love about a simple fabric tied between two trees that will entertain the kids for hours…




Not to mention that I occasionally get a few moments in one of the hammocks for a little reading.  Of course, that isn’t pictured because I didn’t take a selfie and no one thinks to grab a picture of mom…

Number Three.


Yes.  I love to eat them.  But I really really love to organize them.


It satisfies some weird OCD tendencies that I have.  Who knows?  But I love the whole process of laying them out, cooking them, and then eating them up!

Number Two.

Water.  Water in ALL of its amazing glory as found in nature.

Water ready for play.


Water that creates natural slides.


Water that falls.


Water that falls BIG.


Water that falls little.


And water that falls in front of us as we enjoy the view from behind.


And the Number One reason I enjoy camping….

the slowing down of time.

You can feel the shift begin as soon as we start to set up the tent.  Children wander off and begin to explore.  Deadlines disappear.  Schedules drift away.

The time with my children seems to want to FLY by, but camping fights that fast moving time.  If only for a few days.


Phones and tablets start to lose power or are shifted to airplane mode

IMG_7920  IMG_7909

And just like that.  It is only us.  The six of us.  And our surroundings.


In our slowness, we notice things that would escape our attention on normal days.  Like a rainbow in the leaves of the trees…red, orange, yellow, green….


I enter an alternate reality.  You know the world is still going on, but at the same time it fades into the background more so than on our non-camping vacations.

Something about being housed in nature awakens a child-like delight in all of us.  And we soak it in as much as we can.

Do you camp with your family?  What do you love about it?


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