Interview Questions for Home and School


This set of interview questions will help you get to know your kids as you plan your upcoming school year. These questions also serve as a “temperature check” for your home environment, a key component of homeschooling.


This set of interview questions is a great way to begin planning your school year or check-in mid-year.

In the first section, “Your Experience of Home,” I ask questions such as:

  • What are the best things about being part of our family?
  • What is difficult about being part of our family?
  • List 3-5 of your favorite small surprises. (small gifts, time out, notes, etc)
  • List 3-5 words that describe our home.
  • What do we say or do that makes you feel encouraged and supported?
  • Are there things we say or do that make you feel sad or ashamed?

The second section contains questions related to our homeschool life. I want to keep up with their changing interests and goals so I use these questions to guide our curriculum choices and outside of the home pursuits.

I ask them questions such as:

  • List your 3 favorite (and least favorite) subjects in school
  • What do we do during the school day that you’d like to do more often? less often?
  • Is there an activity or routine that you’d like to add to our school day?
  • What is the most important thing to include in your school day?
  • What are you curious about learning or trying this school year?

This section offers more straightforward material for me to work with as I plan our year.

The final page of the interview contains ideas for additional questions to include. There are blank boxes to write your own original questions or additional questions provided on the last page.

This interview has been a fantastic tool in our home even when the information has been hard to hear. Sometimes ESPECIALLY when the information has been hard to hear.

Happy Planning!!!


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