Playing Pit: Our newest game addition

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Memories of laughter and happy shouting fill my head when I think about the game, Pit.

But was it just a childhood memory? Or would the game prove fun with my own kids? I decided it was time to find out and I ordered the game this week.

Pit, ordered with Prime shipping, arrived at our house on Saturday. I immediately opened the shiny new box and gathered the rest of my family for our first round. The shining bell inside, which signals the start and end was silver, instead of orange as I remember it. Unfortunately, it was just as annoying as the kids all crowded around to constantly bang on it.

Stop ringing the bell!

Once we had the bell guidelines established, I explained the rules and we gave it a go.  The game commenced and the yelling began. “Two, Two, Two. Four, Four, Four” We traded cards till the bell rang. Over. The winner was announced and everyone begged for another round!

We played several rounds and it was just as loud and fun as I recalled in the past. The next night, we played with our Advent dinner guests and their kids all returned the next day, asking to play again!

Needless to say, the game is a hit and I recommend it as a fun family game night idea.  The basic play is very simple to learn and there isn’t a whole lot of strategy, so everyone stands an equal shot at winning.

My six-year old declined to join in, but had a good time watching.  My eight-year old can play on his own with some adaptation for “holding” the cards.  We let him turn a small lap table on its side to lay out his cards because he has trouble holding nine cards in his small hand.   Other times, I play as his card holder and he does the trading.

You can see the game in action on my katch account because I did a quick periscope about it.

If you give it a try with your crew, let me know how it goes!  I hope you have as much fun as we have had.

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