Flashback Friday: The Yes, Yes, No Song. Parenting toddlers.

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Written on my former blog in June 2007.  My children were ages 4, 2 and 6 months old.  Perhaps this silly idea will help you ease the frustration of a two or three-year-old.)

Songs work very well in this house when dealing with preschoolers. We have one song in particular that I use to diffuse situations with a 2 year old. The need to diffuse the situation is mainly for MOM, as to help control my frustration and prevent it from erupting as anger.

When K was 2, she would often change her mind frequently, driving me mad causing much frustration in our house. The conversation would look like this:

K: Drink in a blue cup, please.
Mom gets the cup out
Mom switches the cup and pours the drink
Mom: No, mommy already poured your drink (tried reasoning)
Mom: No, K, I am sorry but you said pink. (again…reasoning)
K: (screaming and crying)
Mom: (on the brink of insanity quite frustrated) No K.

Well, since reasoning was not working and these situations were happening daily, I had to come up with a way to keep my frustration from escalating. I decided I would sing. I need a song to use, so I made one up that would describe the insanity silliness of what was happening.

Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No
I can’t make up my mind.
Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No
I do it all the time

Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No
It’s cause I’m two years old
Yes Yes No
Yes Yes No
It’s hard to do what I’m told
(No, I can’t sing it for you and there is no recognizable tune, just a sing songy chant. And YES, it most definately helps if you are dancing to it!)

Now, K did not respond well to the song at first. It would sometimes make her cry, but it helped me keep my head about me in irrational situations. Eventually, it would calm her as well and make her laugh. It became known as the “Yes Yes No” song. She would actually request it in the car, at the store, and bedtime.

When T was two and first pulled one of these insane, illogical, mind changing situations, I laughed as that song immediately came out of my mouth. Of course, T, LOVED it and began dancing! Those two girlies sure are different!

Feel free to use this song or create your own in order to handle the two and three year old in your life.


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