Our Afternoon Basket: What we read this week

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Well, our morning basket didn’t remain as our morning routine for more than two days.

I learned very quickly that my kids are ready to get their seat work done in the morning.  It was hard to get them focused on seat work after a morning of reading and relaxing.  So we made a switch.  We do our seat work in the morning, and then after a break and lunch, we are ready to relax while I read.

I have really enjoyed our afternoon reading time and feel like we are remembering to fit in a variety of subjects and topics that we previously overlooked.

So what did we read this week?

Non-fiction: reading a little each day:

Our read-aloud chapter book: (grammar lesson using this book)

Vocabulary: reviewing and adding a few words each week:

Geography: South America is our focus for January


For Fun and learning:

A little fairy tale viewing: (Draw Me a Story – free on amazon prime)

Have a great weekend!

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