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Without a doubt, I am a big fan of Periscope.  It has been a wonderful way to share my thoughts, connect with the homeschool community, and to discover new places and information!

If you are new to periscope, start off by reading the basics.

Once you have the gist of this new social media, you can join me live by following @notbefore7.

But if you want to find a past periscope, you can look it up on my Katch page or on this page by topic:

Periscope Information

How I use Periscope to keep in touch with family

Periscope accounts I follow for travel and homeschool

Periscope 101: Blocking, Comment Options, and Privacy Settings, and the Follow-up

ScoperChat: A Periscoping Tool

Homeschooling: Arrow (3rd-6th) and Boomerang (7th-12th) Book Clubs

Book Club Q&A: first time, second time

Anne of Green Gables

Love That Dog

Book Club Christmas Ornament

Mysterious Benedict Society

The Outsiders

Poppy by Avi

Homeschooling: General

Technology in our Home and School

Homeschool Happy Hour: Enjoying our kids 

Midday Homeschool Reality

Our Homeschool in One Word

Bloody Fun, Apologia Anatomy Ch. 7

Raising Global Citizens

Organization or lack thereof in our homeschool

Morning Basket Time

Chalk Pastel Christmas Art

Homeschool Morning Set-Up

Teatime in our Homeschool 

Math Games in Our Homeschool and the Cliff Notes Version

Overwhelmed Homeschool Days

Math Manipulatives

Homeschooling Advantages: Listening to our Kids

Art Enchantment, the non-messy kind

Homeschooling: History

Homeschool in the Woods: Colonial Lapbook

How to Make a Colonial Tin Candle

Colonial Party, Story of the World 3

Colonial #Partyschool, Wrap up Homeschool in the Woods

Dying Fabric the Colonial Way, Homeschool in the Woods

Alternative Geography Reports: Fortune Tellers

Homeschooling: Language Arts, including Brave Writer

Using the Arrow

Impact of the Brave Writer Lifestyle

Friday Freewrite with Literature: Letter from a disgruntled toy

Gingerbread Christmas Tea Time

Winston Grammar Revealed, and then Modifications Explained

Grammar Lessons in the Arrow (Poppy by Avi); More Grammar in the Arrow (Love That Dog)

Golden Lines Journal

Quick Writing Activity: Six-Word Memoir

Quick Writing Activity: Comparisons

My first scope, Our Enchanted Space

Sneak Peek at our Space

Homeschooling, Field Trips

Jamestown Musket Firing

Jamestown Settlement, Colonial Living: The Fort

Jamestown Colonial Settlement: The Indian Village

Jamestown Settlement: The Three Ships

Jamestown Fort: School Groups Gone


Camping, Packing Tips

Car Traveling with Kids

ATSC Passport Program, Traveling to Science Centers

Orlando Science Center

Travel: North Carolina

Duck Donuts: Raleigh, NC

2 Story Chick-fil-a, Raleigh

Live from District 12: Hunger Games

Hawksbill Mountain, NC

Holiday Lights: Planters Walk, NC

Sir Walter Raleigh, Groundhog Day: Explanation, Event


Planters Walk Light Display, NC

Christmas Ornament for Book Clubs

Gingerbread Christmas Tea Time

My Favorite Christmas Books

Ornament and Card Making Open House

Our Bedroom Christmas Lights Tradition

Advent Dinner Tradition

Chalk Pastel Christmas Art

Sanity with Christmas Lists


Roasted Red Potatoes

Cake in Ice Cream Cones

Wildtree Freezer Meal Parties

Whole Chicken in the Crockpot

Making Chicken Broth in the Crockpot

Our Family Life:

Technology in our Home and School

Confessions of a Lame Birthday Party Planner

Our Daily Lunch Menu

Talking Jigsaw Puzzle

Playing PIT: Holiday Game Time

Our Favorite Games 

Birthday Freedoms

Sneak-A-Game: Daddy Fun


Fighting the Winter Blues

My Word for the Year, 2016

Tiny Talk, ideas for moms of little ones

My First Zentangles

Fashion Challenge Explained, then Updated

Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month Club

Effie Trinket Make-Up

Pioneer Woman Book Signing Part I, Part II


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