Five Homeschool Social Media Accounts You Aren’t Following But Should Be

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We know many of the big names in the world of social media. You know, the pages and accounts with thousands of followers.

And those pages are fantastic with plenty of good information.

But hidden in the corners and around the bend are tons of homeschooling moms who are sharing their wisdom and their journeys on their social media accounts.

Today I want to share five smaller accounts that inspire me, brighten my facebook feed, and encourage me on my parenting journey.

We all know the big names in social media, but today I wanted to share five accounts you might not be following but probably should. They inspire and encourage me in my homeschool journey.

In no particular order other than the order I shared them on my Facebook page, here are five fabulous homeschooling moms who are rocking their Facebook and Instagram Accounts:

My Gifted Homeschool with Audrey Butters

I met Audrey in the Brave Writer community and I am so glad we connected. We had the opportunity to meet in person at the Brave Writer retreat. It was so much fun to connect in person after meeting online.

Her FB and IG pages are full of everyday play, learning, and fun with her family. She inspires me to slow down and enjoy the sunsets. 

Here is what she had to say about her FB and IG pages:

“My goal is to provide parents with resources to truly understand and connect with their kids, and to help parents get out of a fear-based mindset so that they can embrace their kids, enjoy parenting and live their own authentic lives, whether they homeschool or not.”

Authenticity is a great word to describe her page. Go ahead and check it out. 

Her IG —>
Her FB —>

Nerdy Little Birdie with Heather Hitchcock

Heather is another fellow Brave Writer mom that I was able to connect with in person. I was so impressed by her pursuit of new and fresh ideas when it came to teaching her teenage boys.

Heather is a homeschooling mom to two high school boys. I have learned so much by following her on IG and FB. She shares pictures of her scatter book, literature ideas, and the ways she has engaged her boys in learning.

On her Instagram account, you’ll find book titles, encouraging thoughts, and lots of helpful teaching tips and ideas.

Here is what she had to say about sharing in the world of FB and IG:

“My FB page is something I occasionally remember I have in-between orchestrating a high school-level homeschool & feeding two teenage boys who repeatedly descend upon my kitchen like a plague of locust. Both are full-time jobs. When I do remember to post, I focus on homeschooling & parenting teens. We see so much on homeschooling younger kids. (Come on, they are adorable! And do cute Instagram-y projects!) But it’s still important for those of us on the tail end of this journey to find support and ideas.”

She is definitely holding up her end of the bargain when it comes to sharing on the tail end of the journey.

Her IG —>
Her FB —>

Wright at Homeschool with Vanessa Wright

Vanessa is another mom I am fortunate enough to know in person. We met online before she moved to Raleigh so it was a ton of fun to greet her when she arrived.

Vanessa is another homeschooling momma who is rocking out the social media world. She is funny, honest, and inspiring.
Her facebook page is full of hysterical memes, great questions and discussion, and inspirational ideas.
Her is what she had to say about her page:
“I share what’s on my mind. Lots of middle school stuff, personal homeschool pics, favorite articles and sites, questions, and anything I find useful.”
She has a very active Instagram Account as well. You’ll find homeschooling ideas and a good dose of reality about parenting and homeschooling.

Homeschool Mindset with Bethany Ishee

Bethany is another fellow Brave Writer mom that I had the privilege of meeting at the Brave Writer retreat. She is a relaxed homeschooling mom of six children, living in the south.

Bethany’s Facebook page is full of ideas to inspire you as you create an atmosphere of learning in your home.

Here is what Bethany had to say about her Facebook page:

My Facebook page, Homeschool Mindset, is for homeschool moms that want to create a life of learning. Instead of focusing on completed workbooks and grade-levels, we focus on curiosity and relationships. I also try to throw in some humor, because we all need to laugh more.

You will find plenty of inspiration for cultivating curiosity in your homeschool when you follow Bethany.

Her IG —->
Her FB —->

Rockonliving Homeschool with Vickie Takei

Vickie is a fellow homeschool mom and North Carolina resident. We met five years ago when she pulled her children out of public school to bravely pursue a new kind of lifestyle.

Vickie’s Facebook page includes plenty of photos and ideas from her own homeschool journey with her three girls.

Here is what Vickie had to say on her Facebook page:

We have discovered that homeschooling is much more than education, but a change in lifestyle and philosophy & are open and welcome to everyone interested to join our page – If you are considering homeschooling our page may offer you a glimpse into how one family embraces the life of educating at home. 

Vickie’s ability to make create beauty in the midst of the daily grind inspires me every week. I feel fortunate to know her and to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Her FB —->
Her IG —->


These five women inspire, encourage, and teach as they share their homeschool journeys with the greater community. I hope you’ll check them out.


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