Happy Birthday David

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Dear David,

Right now you are sleeping down the hall.  This is the last night you will go to sleep as an eight year old.  When you wake up, you will celebrate your birthday and we will declare you NINE years old!


You have spent months talking about the later bedtime that you think a nine year old should have.  I think you suspected it might include playing Minecraft until 10 PM, so our suggestion of keeping your light on till 9 PM wasn’t exactly what you pictured.  But most important to you seemed to be staying up later than your “six-year old brother”, so we will be sure to accommodate that request.  It’s hard when you share a room, but I think it is more than reasonable.  You ARE older than he and it is time to differentiate the lights out times.

You continue to delight my world with your goofy jokes, constant chatter, and unbelievable knowledge of all things.  We bought you joke books for Christmas because you love to laugh and you love to make us laugh.  Whenever I crack a good pun, I know YOU will get it and I love you so much for that!  You are happy to make conversation with anyone and you always have plenty to add to the discussion.  As an avid reader, you have knowledge about so many things that you continually surprise me with facts and information.  Of course, your knowledge of the history of the clone wars even took your father by surprise when you educated him about the evolutions of clones into stormtroopers or droids or something about that…

When anyone asks you a question, you still refuse to give a “yes or no” answer.  This is something about you that both fascinates me and drives me insane.  Sometimes I just need a YES or NO but you never have one.  ever.  not ever.  It’s become somewhat of a family joke, but it has also landed you in your room when a frustrated parent loses it.  I am not sure if it is your analytical mind or a stubborn streak at this point, but in the end, it is a well known fact about you.

IMG_9654Right now you love all things Pokemon.  Pokemon cards, shows, and stuffed toys fill our house and lives.  Star Wars holds your interest as well.  It was such fun to take you to the newly released movie this year and watch your reaction.  When you are with your brother and neighborhood friends, you all love to play guns and swords.  You are always battling some unseen enemy outside and I love to watch you all run around.  We own a plethora of nerf guns, nerf swords and other random weaponry.  Of course, the Wii U and Minecraft rank up there as your favorite free time activities too.

You are an eager student in school.  It helps that you love to read as a free time activity.  You are content to read right in the midst of chaos, a definite trait of your mothers!  Right now you are SO EXCITED about history because we are learning about the Revolutionary War. You love it.  It’s a true joy to have you in class and I am so thankful you are home with me so that you can process all of your thoughts about our various topics out loud with us.  I know that is hard for you in classroom settings.  This is another way that you are like your mom; you want the freedom to talk when you process your thoughts and ideas.

I love you to death my son.  I look forward to our special breakfast tomorrow because 2016 is my year to have breakfast with the birthday kid.

I promise not to ask you any yes or no questions…


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