Guidance During a Faith Shift

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My faith in God has not been a topic of this blog since its inception.  This isn’t because I don’t have faith.  In God.  In Jesus.  In the Bible.

I do.

But this year, the particulars and details of my faith have undergone a dramatic change and it has been hard to put into words so I haven’t tried.

At this point my views are no longer quite what they were, but I am not sure quite what they are.

Make sense?

It might.  It might not.

Either way, I have to admit that this change has been difficult at times.   I have had moments of deep concern about myself, which feels weird.  I mean…concern about myself?  That’s a new feeling for me.

This journey has also been somewhat lonely and very confusing as I adapt to the feelings of uncertainty in areas where certainty used to be strong.

This new version of my faith is definitely defined by less answers and more by questions.

Lots and lots of questions.

But I am good with it.  Mostly.  Though it has taken awhile to get there.

Before I share any details of my own journey, which I may or may not do on this blog, I wanted to share a book that has been extremely helpful in processing my evolving faith.  I share this just in case there is someone out there who is going through a similar process and looking for some guidance alont the way.

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Faith Shift by Kathy Escobar.

This book has been an amazing tool in helping me process and understand the changes going on in my spiritual life.  It is an insightful and practical book to help a person rebuild their faith and their connection with God.

This book is NOT a theology book.  This book will not have answers about what to think or how to interpret the Bible.  This book won’t even try to point you in any one direction when it comes to your spirituality.

What it will do is give you a big picture look at the process of going through a major shift in your faith.  It will help walk you through each of the steps in your journey as you redefine what you believe.

By major shift, I do mean a changing of fundamental beliefs.  I don’t mean reconsidering believers vs. infant baptism.  The type of change that this book is designed to walk you through is one where you feel like the entire bottom may have dropped out.  Is there really a God?  Can everyone just go to heaven?  Did Jesus really have to die?  Is the Bible really inerrant?  If you are allowing yourself to explore previously dismissed answers and you find yourself considering them valid, then this book might help you through that shift.

Of course, this book is for folks who might be struggling a bit through that change.  Struggling to accept it and to understand how to respond.

The guidance in this book helped me understand my emotions and values during a time of deep uncertainty.  I felt so very relieved as soon as I began reading it.  Truly, it felt like someone FINALLY understood what I was going through.

NOTE:  While Kathy Escobar does not push for any one “end” in her book, she speaks about her faith that evolved within the Christian faith.  I think the 7 steps would be applicable to any spiritual shifting, but most of the stories contained in this book are specific to people shifting within (or leaving) the Christian faith.

With each step of the process, Kathy shares a bit about her own story as well as the stories of the many people she has encountered through her blog and her church.  These stories are not meant to reveal the correct path for you to follow, but are meant to keep you company along the way.

Kathy is not a “one solution fits all” kind of spiritual guide.  If a break from church is what you need, Kathy will encourage you to take one.  If reading your bible is making you angry, she’ll advise you to stop.  If you aren’t sure if there even is a God, she isn’t scared of that either.

But step by step, as you are ready to take them, she’ll help you take the next step.  She will ask probing questions to help you sort through the feelings you are experiencing along the way.  I appreciated so many of her suggestions as I processed the information in her book.

In additon to her book, Kathy’s blog contains a wealth of information, including a free .pdf describing the stages of a faith shift.  She describes the process of rebuilding after deconstructing in an informative post and elaborates on each step in individual posts.

After exploring around her blog a bit, I decided to order the book.  I wanted to have everything in front of me in chronological order.  I wanted to be able to highlight and respond.  I wanted to read and re-read and re-read again.

Hands down, it has been one of the most helpful resources I have had during my faith shift.  I highly recommend it to anyone who might be processing through big changes in their beliefs, specifically when it comes to their view of Christianity and the Bible.

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6 thoughts on “Guidance During a Faith Shift”

  1. thanks for reading and sharing. i always love to hear what faith shift stirs up for people. peace to you as you keep traveling this wild and beautiful road!


      Thanks Kathy! Your visit here means a lot. Thank you for being a guide on this journey to so many and giving us permission to reconnect with God in our own time.

  2. You know, five or six years ago, I felt a whole lot more “together” than I do today. I guess I always thought that getting older would mean that things would become clearer, more sure. Funny how there now seems to be more gray … more space in between the extremes. I know it feels lonely. Even if you know other people are going through it, it can still be lonely! Thanks for sharing publicly and giving others a chance to think, explore, breathe.


      Yes. I totally agree. There is a lot more gray in my life than there used to be. I am becoming more comfortable with it these days.

  3. I’m in the middle of a complete deconstruction of my faith, and have no idea where I’m going to land, so I’m right there with you. Kathy’s book has been a total god-send to me.


      It is hard, isn’t it? And folks who haven’t been there can’t be expected to understand. I am with you – this book was such a breath of fresh air!

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