Flashback Friday: No Wonder I am so Tired

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FLASHBACK POST: This was originally published in June of 2007 on my former blog. My children were 4, 2, and 5 months old. I miss those little ones, but not all of the work.

This post is part of a series of Flashback Friday Posts from my former blog. I hope these posts encourage and inspire those of you who are still in the trenches with little ones

No Wonder I am so TIRED

I was sleeping peacefully and then the day began.
Earlier than it should have.
There is NOT a 7 on that clock and I see a 4-year-old before me.
Hi, K. Get in bed. 10 more minutes!
Soon T joins us, but at least there is a 7. Put on a show and brush teeth.
I am not even in the shower when they are fighting. Apparently, T doesn’t want K to put her arm in the air. Of course, the louder T protests, the more K is determined to keep it in the air. OK…what to do about that?
Stop protesting, T. Stop bothering her, K.

Get in the shower.
Hop out. Don’t bother blow drying. Get dressed.
Hold you. I want more juice. I am hungry.
I need to get your brother, who is 5 months old, to feed him.
Try to feed the baby. Girls are fighting again. This time I think it is about a book.
Head downstairs. Pull out toys. Try to feed the baby again.
Hold you. I am hungry. When are we eating?
Finish feeding the baby. Breakfast for everyone. I sit down to eat and immediately:
I need more juice. Can I have a straw? She is looking at me! STOP LOOKING AT ME!
Really? Really? Kids truly fight about someone looking at them.
OK – time to feed the baby rice cereal. He is having fun! Glad someone is.

They are now arguing about crayons.
SHARE! (apparently, this is a new concept)
Let’s go play. Baby is happy in the saucer. I play cars for a bit.
My car needs gas. MY TURN! She won’t get off. AHHHH! She hit me. Get off!
I intervene. We try again.
Baby is tired. Got to get him to bed. Uh-oh. He is OVER tired and won’t stop fussing. Pat Pat Pat his back. He is fighting me.
They are fighting each other downstairs.
Go down, settle arguments. Baby is still screaming. Go back up.
(repeat twice)
Finally, he goes off to sleep.
To the basement. Girls are playing nicely! I do a load of laundry while monitoring.

Is that the baby crying? Seriously? A 30 min nap?
Get the baby.
Feed the baby.
Can I have a drink? Can I have a watermelon? Hold you, mommy!
Burp baby. AHHH! He projectile spit ups ALL over the sofa, the pillow, my shirt, my pants, and somehow…the floor too. Man, that is 4 of the 5 oz you ate!
Clean up the spit up. K helps – how nice! Change clothes.
Now, can I get watermelon, mom?
Baby is in the jumper. Girls are eating. I grab a bite. I check on the baby and the jumper tray is filled with the other ounce of the bottle.
Uh Oh…this is not the normal amount of spit up. What is going on?
Hold you. Hold you. Play with me. Can you sit here? 

OK, surviving here, but it isn’t even noon.

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